Slow leak over kitchen, incorrectly installed flashing?

Good afternoon,

Two weeks ago we had a pretty strong rainstorm move through here that dumped 2 or so inches of rain. Leak in kitchen which I believe has been going on for several years but was only just now made more apparent by this last strong rain storm. I used a garden hose and sprayed the area where the J channel is and got a very slow drip of water that came into the attic in two areas. Any possible causes? The roofer is trying to tell me the J channel was improperly installed, but isn’t there supposed to be flashing under the J channel to act as a barrier of last resort of sorts?

Thank you for any suggestions and your assistance.

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Not a fan of whomever installed your roof.
#1. It’s leaking and they should send someone out ASAP to remedy the leak.
#2. Your ridge vent. I always extend it over the eave just for aesthetic reasons; it looks so awful when they stop it like this.
#3 3 tab shingles, 3 TAB SHINGLES?! Who still installs this cheap material. It is a few dollars more for a good dimensional shingle that is better in every way! I refuse to install 3 tab shingles, it’s just plain crooked.
If this was an insurance installed roof job then that explains everything, if it is not then you were scammed. Well technically you were either way. No excuse for this lack of regard for someones home, yet I see it every day.

Just call the company, tell them your roof is leaking and they need to fix it. If they don’t and you have interior damage then you can go after their liability insurance. Just a shame.

I agree with expert on his 3 points. Mainly if it is actively leaking they need to find s resolution. In that picture I can not see why the j channel could cause a leak.
Vinyl is not a 100 percent water proof system. Which is why you wrap the house and tape seams. Where the shingles meets the wall there should be step flashings in an L shape that run up your wall and onto your roof.
The house wrap that was used should run over the step flashings and taped. The j channel gets installed over this.
Likely causes for leaks in this area are

  1. The corner where it wraps around in not done properly with lead or a corner flashing.
  2. The top flashings at the peak are not done properly with lead or a solid flashing.
  3. The roofers damaged the step flashings as they removed the shingles and it wasn’t repaired.
  4. I have seen flashing where they move on the rip and whoever the roofer was didn’t care enough to work the flashing back or replace it.

Hope this helps!

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It amazes me how some of you guys can get on here and rip contractors the way you do!!!

  1. Yes, they should send someone out if you believe your ROOF is leaking.

  2. While I agree, the ridge vent would look better if extended, it is an opinion on look.

  3. 3 tab shingles. They are sold all over the nation because there is a market for them. You have not been scammed.


When I see “roofers” saying 3-tabs are junk I know they haven’t been roofing very long.

There was a time when 3-tabs routinely lasted 30+ yrs, the manufacturers put a stop to that…

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I think the the ridge vent was over driven nails. I run them to the end.

I have a house with 3 tab shingles that was installed in 1981.
I have changed the plumbing pipe boots but that’s it.
It looks physically ready to be replaced but in truth I could probably do another general maintenance and get 7 more years

Why put an inferior product on (3 Tab) when for almost the same price you can install a dimensional which is better in every way? Standards people. Some of you roofers out there are giving us a bad name. Axiom. 3 tab is inferior. Your customers deserve better. They come to you for not only your know how, but your expertise. It is all of these low quality roofers that are in it just for the money that keep quality companies like mine in business year round. STANDARDS PEOPLE! # Tab USED to be the standard; it no longer is. I would NEVER install a 3 tab on someones home, NEVER. One out of town company tried doing that and we ran him out of town.

I use only architectural anymore.
3 tabs are hard to deal with by comparison.
And I always upgrade my insurance claim roof customers to dimensional.
No extra cost to them.

And when I swap out the 3 tabs that I mentioned above they will not be 3 tabs going back.

I don’t supposed you can explain what makes a 3-tab inferior can you?

It’s my guess that you don’t have the experience to install 3-tabs, they require a little more knowledge and experience to efficiently install and it’s not surprising that the newer roofers don’t like them.

I not a big fan of 3-tabs and install very few of them, when I do I use a Malarky Alaskan or a Certainteed XT.

I’ve explained 3-tabs in great detail a few times, you can go through my post history and see.

I’m waiting for you to show your ignorance in an attempt to defend your position.

Let me re phrase my response. The list I gave are not things That are wrong with your install. They are common areas that are done wrong by many roofers slapping on shingles.
Now the question was if we had any ideas on why it may be leaking which is what was given.
Three tab shingles arent junk but why would you install an inferior shingle when the cost difference is minimal?

Sometimes people specifically ask for 3-tabs.

The Malarky Alaskan costs more than the base model laminates, and is just as good and maybe even superior to some laminates.

I agree some people just want the three tabs. A lot of the time its when they don’t want to redo the whole house or just doing an addition to match the main house. I always push push archs but we do install them in these cases.
It is still an inferior shingle.

  • its single laminated and not dual laminated like the archs. This means it is not a thick and even the base mat is thicker giving it a higher wind resistance rating.

  • we have a lot of older houses in new england and the older homes are not perfectly flat. The three tabs will let every imperfection show through whereas archs hide them.

  • the install takes more time when you have dormers or tie ins because the pattern must stay continuous. With archs you can shorten an eight inch over a couple shingles and you wont notice snd still be within the manf warranty.

    Just to name a few. The only instance 3 tabs are worth installing ate what I mentioned above. Which in this case if it was not a full install I can see why they used them.

Hey Expertroofer,
You are showing your expertise here.
Which I have to say…
Isn’t very much

I agree with your point about the ridge vent extending from end to end for cosmetic reasons. I do the same.
But the rest of just about every thing you said was rediculous.

There is something about three-tabs that are superior over architects and that is water-shedding ability.
Those lines you seeing going up the roof on 3-tabs are a water-trough that help guide the water down the roof and keep water away from the shingles seams and it’s fasteners.
Architects do not have this feature.
Which is needed for roofs that don’t drain well.

I insist on architects for roofs that have the appropriate pitch.
And I insist on 3-tabs for roofs with low slopes.

you go ahead and keep on putting those architects on low-slope roofs.
But I wouldn’t recommend it.

Hopefully, for the sake of your unlucky customers, your post is either sarcasm or someone has hacked your account.
You mentioned in your post that you insist on architectual shingles for roofs with the appropriate pitch, as do I, but then you mention that you insist on 3-tabs for roofs with low slopes? And you state that I should keep putting architectual shingles on low slopes?
WOW. Shingles are NOT to be applied to a low slope roof. There are special roof systems for that, but I am not about to sit here and school you in the process. You have just displayed your total lack of knowledge in the roofing industry. You probably haven’t been in the industry long, but based of your lack of roofing knowledge, after you’ve been around for a rainy year or two you will be in for a lot of call backs! I hope for your case you have great liability insurance, oh and probably look into getting into another line of work!
If I don’t speak out when I see bad advice given then I am just as responsible as the person spreading it.

I’ll be enjoying my back and forth with you expert roofer.
Please stick around!!
I look forward to years of enjoyment.

You told this homeowner that he was ripped off and there is absolutely no evidence
AT ALL in the picture given.
Everything is correct in the photo.

You on the other hand are not even experienced as the roofer that installed this particular roof because you are not aware of bad vinyl siding installations against a two story wall leaking at the bottom of the
J-channel and the corner trim piece.
I’ve had to deal with this countless times
And none of them had anything to do with the roofer.

You also say there is no case for 3-tab shingles.
I say your experience is showing and it is sorely lacking.


It seems as if we just have a difference in standards.