Smart Phones

I have one and now I know why they call them that. I hate texting but on my phone I just talk to it and it types for me. This is good I am very happy that I don’t have to type on a small keyboard to communicate anymore. It seems texting is what people want to do now. I am old school I figure a phone call does it all but I have to keep up.

Assuming I can get one, tomorrow I’ll grab the new DroidX with Verizon. Have been using an iPhone for over a year. Love the phone, hate the AT&T Network. Finally had enough.

Driod with Verizon Pros and Cons:

1.Excellent web browsing
2.Great for Apps
3.Sending photos and documents are easy and fast
4. You have the zoom in zoom out like an iphone
5. Great GPS in some areas


  1. If not using a bluetooth, your face or the heat from your face will dial buttons or hand up on your phone call(its touch screen)
  2. If your hot and sweaty, good luck trying to answer the phone call by using the touch screen. Or unlock your key pad.
    3.A lot of people tell me they have a problem hearing me from time to time.
    4.Some times the touch screen can be really sensitive to heat. Which some times you accidently delete or archive emails your working on.

My Company is switching from verizon to sprint due to horrible reception in other locations.

Does any one have Sprint in the OKC area?



  1. Touch screen sensitive to heat
  2. People often tell me they cant hear me.

1,2,and 4 were basicly the same.

I have AT&T, reception and call quality is pretty much horrible most everywhere I go. Sprint call quality locally is great, I tried the Evo for a few weeks. Unfortunately, it is far worse than AT&T in some areas.

Verizon has the best overall coverage around the country by far. Not saying they don’t have some bad spots or problems, they do.

And BTW, the DroidX has a sensor that shuts off the screen when you hold it to your face, I’m not sure where you came up with that con. I have used an iPhone for over a year and never had trouble with the touch screen.

Is there a difference in the droidx and droid os?

Authentic_dad, I have the same experiance in north florida. Iphone being arguably the best but on a bad network.
Att is bad here also. Its hard to understand the whole conversation. I need to clearly hear every word when i am talking to stangers/customers. And less calls going straight to voicemail.

Sprint/nextel/boost(same network) is the best here.
Most reception, best clarity.
Those are the most important features for me.
Followed by waterproofness and ruggedness.
A must.

Not yet does a smartphone have the features i need or through a network with the service i expect.

Im young so Im in the generation of cell phones so texting is my forte! it would be a perfect world if at&t would get their stuff together or iphones were available on other services. I have an iphone and wouldnt trade it for the world but id throw att off the ship in a heart beat! My father told me that verizon has stated that the iphone will be available next year with them. that will be a rough day for att im sure!

I had an iPhone, tried the Droid HTC Incredible and Droid Evo before getting the DroidX today. I believe I now have the winner.

I really hated the Incredible, so no need to say more about it. The Evo was very, very similar to the DroidX. It is clear already that Motorola has manufactured a better device quality wise than HTC.

Call quality is great, I give credit to both the DroidX and Verizon for that. Screen is big and awesome. For the size of the screen and power this phone has, battery life is reasonably decent. I am confident I can get through most days with the DroidX without recharging.

Anybody have the new 4G phone from Sprint? I was looking at it and already use Sprint. It is supposed to be pretty awesome. I like Sprint they have good coverage, good rates and good customer service.

Yes, I tried the Evo 4G for a couple of weeks. Very good phone, except battery life pretty bad. Sprint is not good in one area I’m in often so I took it back.

I have one and I love it. No cons for me. Everyday is a new learning experience. I keep finding more and more things I can do with it. This thing is so much fun I actually found out recently I can make calls on it also.