Snapping chalk lines for landmark 30's

for those of you that do snap chalk lines, where do you begin and what spacing do you use.



well if they are metric, then 5 5/8" reveal. if standard then 5" reveal.

I use G-Tape.

we leave an inch over hang at the bottom so out first line is 12 1/4 then we go 22 1/2 from that mark.

Not everyone has gtape…but most have a tape measure. :mrgreen:

honestly i dont really care…aslomg as its straight and the tar line isnt showing…lol

Well on a landmark you would have to have the shingle upsidedown to have the tar strip show.

22 1/2 but see the guy who did a roof for me is at 22 1/4 or 22", so he is dropping everyfourth coarse from what I can see.

He did say they are not cut accurate and that is why he does that.

Part of the reason I asked is I remember him saying he drops his second coarse and cuts it to a straight line. The front overhand he has already made with a consistent overhang. He said you dont see this down low and by doing this he is not working to the front of the home which can be uneven.

It is working out well so far. I dont see why the package says to snap verticle lines though.


I usually lay down the first course until I do any measuring or snapping of lines. I snap every other course.