Snow And Ice Removal

It seems alot of snow and ice removal was in high demand last winter.While monitoring the posts pertaining to the removal process I noticed that a nice profit margin is possible.

Obviously a method is needed as to not damage the roof system.So what precautions should be taken on commercial flat roofs for the snow removal?

What types of shovels and equipment are required with Epdm,TPO and other forms of commercial flat roof systems.

What are proper methods of ice removal?,What is steaming? What tools and equipment are needed to perform the procedure successfully?

Lastly can anyone recommend a site that gives demonstrations for steaming? Or has anyone here recorded themselves performing the procedure and posted it on their website?

Thanks,I appreciate any advice.

Sorry, but I don’t have any experience with it. A year or so back, I know one company was heavy into it and even made the news when they shoveled 14" of snow off a 400 sq. roof and dumped it all over the side onto a 30 sq. roof.

That is definately what NOT to do.,That is ate up.,

it is difficult for everyone for removing the snow,if you want to do it yourself,you can do it otherwise some private companies do this work and they have lot of expert workers for this task.they can easily solve your problems and give you solid solution…

Most flat roof buildings are designed to handle snow load. Leave 12" or so on the roof so you don’t damage the membrane.

I would check with your OHSA to see if they ave any special clause about snow removal. I know my local code indicates you need the edges identified with a warning line, except where the dump point is located.

As for equipment, a couple guys with big snow scoops to transport the snow and a couple guys with plastic snow shovels to fill them up.

check out

I think you need to take into account, that the degree to which your roof is tilted gives you the weight of snow that your roof can stand. Plus: take into account, that wet snow is much heavier than powder snow. So: calculate the weight that your roof can carry and get some advice about the number of inches you can leave the snow.