Snow country at four way intersection

hello I’ve got back to back dormers so I have two ridges crossed at 90 degrees. I want snow countryon both of them. how should I deal with the four way intersection?
1 actually run them right up to the cross and cap shingle some certain way?
2 run main ridge straight thru and cut the dormer vents short of the main ridge vent?
3 cut them all short of the 4 way intersection?
any advice appreciated.

I’d have to see it to say for sure but I would think option 3 would be your best bet.

Even when we have a roof that’s got a single dormer / gable that intersects a ridge (like a T), we don’t run the ridge vent all the way to the intersection. It usually stops about 1 to 1-1/2 ft. from the ridge (which should be the high side in 99.99% of all situations).

I would run the one full length straight across and then run the other two ridge lines to intersect with it . but then cut the ridge vent at a mitered angle to connect tightly.

We do this all the time with Shingle Vent II and it looks very nice.