Snow Country vs Cobra

which has the most flow capacity? looking for something o o with Grand Timberline and need high flow rate. thanks

Look under GAF Attic Ventilation at the gaf website.

Go to and look under products to learn about the specs and installation details.

if im not mistaken snow country is higher (and looks better).

Snow country is the better product of the two choices, IMO.
The snow country has the exterior baffle that aids in ventilation and it is much more rigid.
I have seen cases where the snow country type vents have allowed snow into the roof under certain conditions.
In those cases we use cobravent, you can’t really predict which houses those are since it is rather rare…

gf shows about 18 sq" per linear ft for snow country.
cobra 16.9 sq" hand nailed but only 14.9 sq" gun nailed.