Snow Removal Business

There’s good money in snow removal if you’re ass deep in a snowbank… get moving. Local radio advertising will have you swamped. Quick Reference: Snow Weight by Snow Type — Roof Online


After the rafters started cracking, cleared a 7SQ 6/12 that had estimated 10.5 tons of snow on it. Putting a truck and a plow on a roof is not a good idea. Go get your shine box…


Is there anything that this poster contributes that one single person cares about or finds value in?
Isn’t it possible to at least make it come up with a new pseudonym ? I’m guessing it “contributes “ to sites from this one to Martha Stewart and then some kind of video game dork event until it’s mom bangs on the basement door to call it up for
Chicken strips, Mac and cheese and chocolate milk.

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