Soffit Dripping

Our house is brand new, and I noticed blackish liquid stains on our concrete that could be traced up to a spot in the soffit that is leaking. There isn’t any sign of leaking in the attic, but the specific spot is nearly impossible to get to. We are going to have the builder back out, but would love some expert feedback. We haven’t yet attempted to remove the soffit due to the trim nails. I’m only allowed to upload one picture as a new user, but I do have a couple others if needed.

Your new home, black stuff leaking from soffit, possible staining, health hazard??? This is not a new home feature, this is an installer who left something in the soffit. maybe a marker, maybe a touchup spray can that burst, coffee cup of butts, who knows. Take pictures, tear off the soffit and get the builder to fix it. No fix … scream bloody murder! Problem solved.

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It’s the time of year for condensation, depending where in the country you are…

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Update - had the builder out, took the soffit off, there is NOTHING up there (my husband looked too). We are wondering if this came from some type of bug. The liquid has no odor. I’m going to keep an eye on it and send to the local entomology department at Michigan State University to see what they think. Thanks to those who replied!

Was there residue on the soffit panel?

Yes - hopefully loading this picture works. One spot dripping - we were able to take a sample with a paper towel. Nothing beyond that spot on the inside of the soffit when it was removed.

That’s really peculiar and if it was indeed a bug, that’s one large bug! I apologize if I came across terse in my original response as I’ve seen stuff left in the soffits before. You mentioned Michigan, aren’t you a bit wintery for the bugs to be active? Soffit are not heated so the bug conclusion doesn’t really make sense. I’m still in the camp that something was spilled on the panel and it dripped down. The panel was not wiped and the “stuff” dripped out over time. It happens and is usually no need for concern but I also understand that admitting fault and apologizing is a fleeting virtue these days. Easier to deflect and blame it on bugs, squirrels and of course, the Russians!

Plug of chew maybe…

Are you in an area where you are experiencing freeze thaw conditions?