Soffit plugged with pink insulation (pics)- can I fix?


While my new roof was being installed, I asked the roofer to put my digital camera into a vent hole and take some pics. Looks like previoulsy installed insulation is plugging the soffits. I have continous soffit vents around the outside of the roof which over hang about 6 inches.

Is there an easy way to unplug the soffits? Maybe install those styrofoam baffles? Can I remove the soffits easily?Im a DIY’er. Or do I need to cut a hole into one of my ceilings and get into the roof. The roof is now complete and I can not remove any roofing to do the job.

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Usually it is pretty easy to clear your soffit vents by using a lawn rake or broom handle to move the insulation away from the vent (assuming you can get into the attic). Baffles, if you can get them in, are the best long term solution to maintaining air flow. The fancy plastic baffles are great but you can also use 1/4" plywood.

“The roof is now complete and I can not remove any roofing to do the job.”

Sorry but your roofer screwed up. SOP is to install baffles while the decking is up. Maybe there is a product you can slide in from the soffit all the way up to the ridge? I don’t think there is an easy fix now, it’s really something that needed attention before the roof went on.

I don’t believe your insulation is supposed to extend past the load bearing wall, or in otherwords not out so far that is covers the top of your soffits. If you have louvered soffit vents all the way down the soffit you should get up in the attic and remove the insulation that is covering the soffit.

just go in the attic w/raftermate and a broom handle,push down on the insulation enough to slide a raftermate into the soffit at each rafter,you should see that the soffit opening is unplugged by looking up from below

As you can see from a close look of the pics, the rafters are quite wide. Not the standard width. The house was built about 100 years ago. The bottom layer of the insulation is actually installed perpendicular to the rafters instead of in the same direction. Again , that is because I think that the joists are in the opposite direction to the roof rafters. . So that is why they layed down the pieces of insulation the way you see it…lengthwise along where the soffits are.

I think as you say that I will have to go into my roof.

first off…do you have attic access?

yeah go into your attic and do what i said,the attic floor joist direction isn`t as important(though it would be weird for it to run opposite the rafters)the venting is done thru the roof joists

My attic access seems to be a rectangular hole left in our second bedroom ceiling. The hole is about the width of joists. Maybe 18 inches. Its like an original attic access but no door or steps. The ceiling drywall is removed in that area and it seems is the vapour barrier is left in place and painted over some time ago. Behind that vapour barrier I can see pink insulation. I could barely squeeze in there once I cut open the vapour barrier and push the pink insulation out of the way.

I looked around my house outside and noticed that I have some exterior soffits that are only 1 or 2 inches overhang. While others are about 6-8 inches. I hope that 1-2 inches , with proper rafter baffles, will be enough to allow cold air in.

It is still possible that the joists run the same way as the rafter but I just don’t know because I cant see them. Its possible that there are already two layers of pink insulation in there already and the top layer is covering the joists. Will have to see.

I will try this weekend. Thanks.

2X4 - do it this weekend and do it early in the day. I don’t know where or what the temp is where you are at but I went in an attic yesterday and the temp was outrageous and it was 85 here.

I went into my attic and had to give up on the idea of pulling back insulation and inserting rafter baffles.

Look at my pics to see that the soffits are completely blocked.The attic insulation job looks very well done except for that part.I do not want to tackle this because the insulation is completely done and done well. I dont want to do all that over again.

Instead I am asking for advice. Since it appears that all of my soffits are stuffed and therefore blocked.

You can see the vents that the roofer installed. Is that enough?

I also have two skylights which were added to a new addition of the house. That part of the roof is completely seperate from the main attic . No connection and NO ventilation that I can see. I found that the ice damning happened near and around the bottom of the skylights.

Is there something else I need to do to vent this roof? Or is it OK

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