Solar Panels

Everyone wants to save money. Most people will even agree that protecting the environment and finding alternative methods of power is essential to the future of our world, let alone the United States. That’s why J. E. Futch Custom Homes, Inc. has taken up the challenge to become a leader in providing a renewable source of energy for our clients at an affordable price.
We encourage our home-buying public to install solar panels as part of their initial design. It ultimately lessens the costs from having to install them later. Although no one knows exactly how long a solar panel lasts, homebuilders know that even some of the first models are performing today as efficiently as they did originally.
You may have heard of solar panels, but are unsure as to what they are exactly. Also called a photovoltaic (PV) system, they work by converting sunlight, or solar power, into electric energy. Each panel is comprised of solar cells, typically a crystalline silicon, that absorbs light. The panels are layered and have a clear protective coating on top, with a polymer backing on the bottom. The top layer is electrically negative and the bottom is electrically positive.
At J. E. Futch Custom Homes, Inc. , we believe in giving you as much information upfront as possible. We encourage you to do your homework, and are eager to give you the tools to initiate that research. For instance: you need to know how much are your energy bills a month now? How many kilowatt-hours are you using? How much savings do you wish to have (be realistic)?
How much sunlight does your house get a day? If it’s less than six hours a day this isn’t for you as it’s not the most efficient. Is the house being constructed to get the most possible? If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, this would be the north-facing side, and if you live in the Norther Hemisphere, that would be the side facing south.
The price of solar panels has dropped anywhere from 3-7% a year for about the past 10 years. . Obviously, as the need greatens, competition will lower those costs even more. When combined with traditional energy methods, those cost of electricity declines even further without having to sacrifice usage.
More than 15 states today offer financial rebates or subsidize renewable energy programs. J. E. Futch Custom Homes, Inc. will ensure that you have all the answers you need to get the most from your possible saving by having us install these panels.

More than 15 states today offer financial rebates or subsidize renewable energy programs.[/quote]

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Which States regarding which States and what are the financial incentives and requirements to have met first?


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