SOLARRA - Solar panel R&R

Just wondering what others experiences have been with HO who have a solar system that needs to be R&R to replace the roof. I am getting a good amount of push back from Ins.

SOLARRS pays about $127 per panel in my area and the home has 38 panels, so its about 5,760.

Obviously this is pretty involved. It becomes a three day project. Had to order a POD for onsite storage, electrical, have panels removed and secured, complete the roof with extra care/flashing/caulk around the brackets, then reinstall the panels, electrical and POD pick up …



No one have any experience with solar R&R?

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Why do solar panels have to be removed & replaced to replace a roof? Don’t they have to be detached & reset? There is a line item in Xactimate, ELSSOLARRS, which pays $119.45 to detach & reset a solar electric panel with mounting hardware in one of the markets I work in. I’m confident there is a line item for a POD in Xactimate. What else do you need?

Yes, detached and reset is what I am saying. Yes the line items are in Xac.

The problem I am facing is that the Ins.Co. is wanting me to provide them with my actually invoices for the cost of the D/R and they want to pay that only +20%. They do not want to pay the line item price in Xact because with 38 panels it adds up quick. On this project the profit if paid out per Xact would be a good amount more than 20%.

Just wondering if others have faced this issues with Ins. and how they handled it and what the outcome was.


Who is the insurance? I think there are a number of good arguments. Are they paying O&P on the entire job? If not, I’d ask why they are picking out one portion, selectively, to do so? I’d ask why use Xactimate if they’re only going to choose items that seem to be priced to their benefit or liking?

I’d explain everything to the Homeowner and ask them to get involved in order that you may move forward. If the insurance failed to inspect the property in order to factor in the solar panels, that’s their problem. The fact is, they’re there now, they must be D&R in order to replace the roof and they need to pay the price set forth by Xactimate in order to complete that. End of story.

You really don’t need a POD unless you wanna have something else on the jobsite blocking the driveway or wanting another object onsite you wanna have to walk around. Just a side note tho , make sure you turn off your inverter and turn the breakers off before trying to unplug the PV’s , ground then the panels. Not sure what type of system your goimg to R/R but being careful removing the panels without damaging the panel and micro inverters is obviously pretty important and any damage can affect the complete systems function.

I recommend creating a diagram showing the panel arrangement and number each panel on the diagram and attach that number to the panel with masking tape. Number the panels and the same with the micro’s and store them in a manner that they can be installed again beginning with #1. Also I recommend buying new flashings for the stand off mounts. If possible I would also number each rail beginning with the rail closest to the gutter and ending with the rail nearest the ridgeline. I have never been a fan of using the same holes to reinstall the mounts so depending on the code in your area you can move the mounts a few inches above the previous holes.

Here in SoCal the panels have to be arranged a minimum of 3’ off the rake and ridge and a minumum of 2’ off the gutter , 3’ away from any roof penetration such as vents , pipes skylights etc. If your building code calls for these requirememts or similar then you can move the mounts providing the panels are still in compliance with code after they are moved. Make sure your still in a rafter and each standoff mount is moved the same for the full lengrh of that rail. R/R solar panels , rails and mounts is simple but what makes it less of a headache and a higher percentage for success is to be very organized with diagrams etc.

It’s probably in all roofing contractors best interest to become familiar with solar systems , components , functions etc. Solar systems are coming your way and those who are onboard are the ones who don’t have to get caught up. Roofing is constantly adding to and taking away and its up to the contractors to keep their company up to speed.


Ready for the shocker, Liberty Mutual

Wow… I thought that was cheap! What I f the invoice for D and Reset invoice is $10,000… ha😄