Soldering Terne coated stainless?

What is the right type of flux and solder to use with TCS? Thanks, Ron

Old TCS or New?

The new TCS has a tin/zinc coating. Use tin solder and rosin flux.

You can use 50/50,tin/lead, on the old style.

Make sure you clean the seams to be soldered. They have a factory finish coating. Laquer thinner works good.

Hi Dennis, New Tcs, just picked it up,Where can I find Tin solder? also should I use emery cloth before the laq.thinner or just the thinner to clean the seam ,I also will pre-tin the hemmed joints before I solder.I have liquid rosin flux is that okay?..Thanks for the info… Ron

ruby fluid or paste

No need for emery cloth.

I get my solder from either Oakland Metal Sales, or McMaster-Carr Supply. Both on the web.

liquid flux is fine

You might want to check with the TCS manufacturer to see if they have any other requirements.

Thanks-One more ? what % of Tin/lead – 50/50 or 63/37 ect… Ron

Depends. If you are at all concerned with the lead environmental and litigation issue. Use 97% tin.

60/40 will be easier and make a stronger seam.

Be sure to allow for expansion joints if needed.

While on the subject of soldering. I need a couple of galvanized skylight flashings and was thinking about soldering them myself. I’ve got a plumbers torch for copper pipe and was wondering if I can use it instead of a soldering iron? Will the galvanized flashing material get damaged from a maap torch? What kind of solder and flux would be proper for galvanized and torch soldering?

For galvanized.
Muriatic acid, 60/40 solder.

we have always used well heated irons. a torch will most likley not make a good joint. It does take a bit of practice especially vertical soldering in the field.

That would be called brazing.


For galvanized.
Muriatic acid, 60/40 solder.[/quote]

Make sure you neutralize the muriatic afterwards, and it doesn’t hurt to spray it with WD40 once acid has been neutralized.

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Hey Dennis, I drove to Follansbee’s plant,only 1hr, they say to use: laq.thinner-97%tin solder-zinc choloride for the flux…picked up the materials will give them a try tomorrow…thanks again. ron- slateworks rfg.

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they have the info on there site actually there is a few ways