Some shingle miscolor

They just finished the roof job on our house. I noticed some shingles in one area were a slightly lighter color in a section about 7’ x 7’. The general contractor is bringing the roofer back out to look at it. Will it be hard to match the rest of the shingles by replacing with new shingles (Certaineed Weathered Wood)? The rest of the shingle color looks fine on the house.

Most important questions: How will they replace that area now without damaging any adjacent shingles? What is the process for removing and replacing a section in a new roof job? It’s on a two story home with a pitch of 12/12.

Sounds like someone mixed lot codes on the shingle packages. They remove the older shingles one at a time to replace. If it was shingled correctly then it will not have any damages to the remaining shingles

the shingles can be replaced.
theyll have to pull the nails with a flat bar.
take pictures.


definatly mixed lot #'s .the supplier should pay for the repair as it is their mistake.

I will be different and guess its excess powder on the shingles. I installed some Certainteeds a few weeks ago and had a bundle that was covered in sand…would be interesting to see if a hard rain fixed the problem :wink:

That’s what the builder said it might be. So with some hard rain coming we’ll see if that corrects it. Thanks for all the other comments as well.