Something that might be useful for you fella's

Ok here is my win lose or draw.

You get the job 5 business cards worth 100 each and throw the 100 on the next roof from the referral no loss just a tax write off.

Lost the job and you know it try this: Send them a letter like this:

Dear Mr Jones,

I am apologetic we were not able to service your home renovation. But knowing times are tough what i can do for you is making some money back from what you paid on your roof. I am offering 500 dollars towards a roof i did not install if you feel my package and service was up to your standards the cards enclosed are worth 100 dollars each per sold roof. All you have to do is hand them the card and make sure you put your name on the back of the card so i know to pay you and each one will be a 100 dollars that is sold. Hopefully this will become an added help in this economic down turn.

respectfully xyz roofing and sign it.

My cards are double sided and have a place for the name already there with address.

Hope this can help some guys. It works for me very well. Who is going to not try and make 500 dollars for nothing when you add the 100 back on the roof you do from his referral and you dont lose money and just get more work without paying a dime.

Please leave feedback im interested on what you guys think of this been using for years just want your thoughts. think about it its a tax deduction for advertising and it costs you nothing and perfectly legal.