Somethings wrong here

All right I know this supper ugly but is there actually anything this ?

I wouldnt have used that type of valley metal in that section because it makes the flashing stick up
And blowing rain possibly could get under it.

Your shingles were applied incorrectly, I’d wager the entire roof is done wrong.

That particular shingle is perhaps the most difficult to apply correctly, it’s still not that hard.


It appears they reused all of the old flashings and valleys with the new shingle roof. That is why everything is not lining up correctly.

Ya I’m just trying to help the guy out on the roof there is so much wakadoodle about this this roof I need to fix that flashing before he sells though

The shingles aren’t correct either. You should NOT be able to see any joints between individual shingles.

The old Presidential was tough to cut. I used a paper cutter on the roof. Works great. It’s not a beginners roof to install. I love the look, but hate installing them. Too much waste.

Your very right I’m on the edge of telling this guy he needs a new roof because that’s all over

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Man, that wasn’t done well, by the looks of it.

I finally know why it looks so bad he hired his Gardner to do the roof :weary:

Wait! What? No wonder. :frowning:

Have seen a few roofs installed by painters, never a Gardner, but pretty much same concept.

Defiantly wouldn’t recommend presidentials to anyone who is having anyone other than a roofer install their roof.

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