Sorry, not interested

Dear Prospect,

It is with sadness that I must inform you we have chosen to work with another customer on their project. As so, we are withdrawing our bid. Although your project initially seemed enticing, we have since concluded your expectations might best be appreciated elsewhere. Please do not take our decision personally as your three pages of questions were quite remarkable and your negotiating skills are stellar! Your 2 dogs and 7 cats are blessed to have you as their furless parents while your 4 year old daughter’s vocal range will make her a fine singer one day. We encounter a wide network of competitors who would benefit from the opportunity to work and will happily send them your way. Be assured, had we not chosen another project, yours would have been our first choice!

We wish you the best of luck with your search!

PS: If we do send competitors your way, do you offer a finder’s fee?


Oh my goodness, i love this.

The problem is, this letter would actually make them love you and they would call and they will try to convince you to take the job.
A word of advice….dont take it…
Even if they start begging you and get a whole lot nicer.
Your instincts were right.
If you go against them,
You will be burned.

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Ive learned the hard way.
I think its been twice now ive thought a customer was too crazy to work with.
Actually told them i didnt want the job any longer.
They respected me so much for saying so,
They got real nice and convinced me to still do the job.
But when you are crazy, the niceness, clear thinking only last so long.
God gave u those instincts for a reason,
Especially when you follow him.

This is a high risk buisness!
I need all my customers loving me from the start.
If they dont already trust me a little bit before we sit at the kitchen table….i dont want to be there.
I dont want to be there unless i was already recommended from someone they respect.

They think they are interviewing me.
But they are getting the same interview.

Many times they will give themselves away
When they talk about how they have gotten in disputes with every contractor they have ever hired.

I’ve had my share of “memorable” customers and I’ve also had to learn to temper my reactions. The desire to tell an increasing number of people to xxxx-off is likely a product of my age and overall impatience for what I consider stupid behavior. I think it mostly centers around the narcissistic pandemic this world is experiencing. The arrogant dismissal of the “human equation” in transactions is the hardest thing for me. Yes there are many intelligent people out there but when it comes to dealing with other humans, they are incredibly stupid. They don’t see how we are a vindictive species and will seek our pound of flesh in other ways like … spitting on your burger or …


I love when a customer shows me who they are during the bidding process. I bid myself out of a handful a year. Everyone gets an estimate.

And you know what, that’s a noble way to approach it but it also takes up your time. They don’t value your time because “your time” means nothing in their self absorbed shit hole of a universe!!! Argggh…hehe

Rooferama, i use to think raising the bid was a way to counter that.
I guess i still do
One time the customer said yes
And i was flabbergasted.
I had added about 3 thousand extra profit to the bid to persuade them not to use me.
They turned out to be the nicest people
And i struggled with wanting to return some of the profit.
If my wife wasnt in control of the funds, it would have happened.

The issue is really you discovering or have an inkling they might be crazy After you have put the figure on paper and are discussing the proposal.

I measured a small home a month ago. I didn’t want to do it, because the smell of ammonia was so bad on the roof. There was at least 1000 cats, all over the place. So many that they were coming on the roof next to me. The smell of cat urine was so bad on the roof, I can only imagine what it was like in the house. That’s the kind of stuff roofers deal with. If we could write a book, people wouldn’t believe it. I take pictures of the crazy stuff. Anybody need some cats? I might be off a few hundred on the 1000.


I’ve done that on more than one bid. It’s considered an “Asshole Tax”

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ha ha ha…yep. Thats so true.

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Bittersweet when you get the job…


omg i love this one so much!!! touché !

I love this. This is a high risk business!