South Florida biz slow?

Hey guys, I am in the Miami area, is business very slow right now or is it just me?

One reason business could be slowing is the fact that people are holding on to their money more. Something like a roof is a large expense that a lot of people can’t afford. Do you offer anything that makes you stand out over your competition? Is financing in your sales plan? I have found that when a customer can turn that $7000 roof into a $35 dollar a month payment they say “YES” easier and more often. I work for a lender that does financing for many roofs in Florida. As a free service we can offer you that financial option people are looking for. You will be amazed to see how many people will need a roof once they find out how affordable it can be. Email me @ so we can speed up business for you!

IMO, financing may help someone get a job vs. another co who doesn’t offer it - if you’re simply not getting the calls for estimates & you ahve a presence in all the right places (web, print, direct mail, radio, TV, a combination, etc), then it’s not financing or a lack thereof that’s hurting you.

South Florida is an overinflated market for real estate & prices / values are going down rapidly (however the buy in prices from the past 5 years or so are still affecting what some people have on their current mortgage price if a tasty 0% or low APR note has turned into an ARM that’s causing some serious problems).

So the easiest way to find out if it’s the market or if it’s YOU, go to 2 or 3 different supply houses & ask if they have seen a change in how much product they’re shipping. If it’s a down market, they will see it as a result of EVERYONE selling less & not just you.

You can also check with the building & zoning dept. because permit applications for roofing work will also reflect the volume of business. Check with the City of Fort Lauderdale (their office may still be located on Federal Highway just N of Davie Boulevard on the W side), Metro-Dade / Miami (in the tower downtown)… or call.

All of the supply companies are delivering only half days…(Central or Pinellas county Fl) Im still busy so it easy for me to schedule my deliveries!!! Be honest and ALWAYS do the best job you can it, it will work out…