Southeast Michigan roofing labor / job costs

I have a 28 x 58 roof that I am changing roof pitch from 3/12 to 4/12. 2001 Manufactured home. Material costs approximately $4,400 from local Menards. The change in roof pitch is required by township that I moved it to. This house is in the Southeast Michigan area.

Here’s a brief description of what needs to be done. Tear off single layer of shingles. Add new ridge board. Bring new rafter boards down from ridge to change the pitch. On one end of house extend roof 3 foot by laterally running boards 6 foot on roof with 3 foot overhang (gabled?). On other end of house cut roof off to the side of the house and add siding to cover the gap made by extending the pitch. Install one raisable skylight (velux 2’ x 2’) in kitchen where bubble skylight used to be. Install one stationary skylight (velux 2’ x 2’) in bathroom where bubble skylight used to be. Install 14 square of shingles.

Is $250 a square (about 14 square for me or total $3,500) reasonable for labor for this job? Total cost for the job $4,400 material + $3,500 labor then about $7,900.

Also, any idea of about how much for gutters for 28x58?


gutters are 4 dollars per LF.
As far as the other im not into framing so i can not give you an answer.

sounds pretty low to me.

sounds extremely low.

check on his insurances. check on his references.

why cant you just install a low slope roofing system?

muterspg - how about I deal with the customer and you do the work. i will sub it to you. Your on the real low side in my book.