Spf roofer los angeles

hi, i live in los angeles and have a 1921 home with a low slope/flat roof with tar and gravel that has had some leaking by the gutters. i’ve had it repaired a few times but it still seems to leak.

not sure how old it is. probably more than 10 years. it doesn’t get hotter than 95 degrees outside but the interior does get uncomfortable at times.

i’m leaning toward a spf roof but not finding anyone that does it locally; which i find hard to believe b/c i think foam roofs would work great in the s.california area- relatively dry and usually sunny.

roof has a low attic space, passive ventilation and no insulation. plus i’d like to install a roof hatch.

can anyone recommend an spf roofer working in the los angeles area?

sorry i just dont know of anyone,
but keep bringin it up here, i know there is some
westcoast representin.
try searchin spf roofs la. on google.


Well, I’m from North East, so i don’t know any one in Cali, but, while you are looking for the spf guys/shopping around, check out IB roof. I believe it would be perfect for you. The white membrane reflects about 90% of sun heat, which will make your house much more comfortable, and you won’t really need too much insulation, since it rarely gets cold there (if ever :slight_smile: )… And with a lifetime residential warranty, you won’t worry about material breaking down.
Good luck to you.
Check out this site: www.newenglandmetalroof.com/ib-roof There is alot of useful info there

90%? Really? That’s hella-flection. Is that new or aged 3 years?

To AaronB:
90% is normal for the snow-white membrane… well after 3 years that may go down a bit due to dirt accumulating on the rooftop (it gets slightly darker from dast/dirt/whatever). It should still be in upper 80’s low 90’s through-out it’s service life. Physical properties won’t change.

i’ll check about an ib roof. how does it compare cost wise? can i walk on an ib roof?

i thought the foam helps to keep the interior temperature from getting too hot/cold with the help of the white coating. plus i’ve read it makes a lightweight stable surface- ie more walkable vs the typical tar/gravel-heavy and not walkable.


cots-wise I’d say it’s same… when you install IB, insulation goes under the membrane, and IB is on top… what’s great about ib, you won’t have to recoat it in 10-15 yrs., like spf.
as for the walking on it, you can have light traffic… or install a walk-thread if people are constantly there…

I think someone has their life savings invested in IB Roofing…


I think ib is a private family owned company… so no, i did not invest in it nor do i work for them… i work with them as my supplier :slight_smile: