Splitting hairs with Insurance company's

Hello all,

Anyone know of a fast track to estimating roof jobs, where by I am not getting into so much hair splitting, and confusing line item “back and forth”, with Insurers? (I understand why they do this)

I need a quick easy way to estimate these roof jobs, without having the estimation process become so daunting within Xactimate. It’s a real killjoy at this point.

Would any of the experienced professionals (Authentic D, LMB, etc…) on this site, possibly be willing to do a phone consultation regarding streamlined estimating procedures? (I’m willing to pay $…)

I’m a fairly small player in the industry, and am not necessarily looking to become one of the big boys, but I need some serious assistance with some of my procedural estimating.


Thanks for reading.


Having a well written Xactimate (has to be in xact for carriers to accept) estimate on the front end when meeting the adjuster for the first time will streamline your process and make getting the needed items approved much faster. We can help you with this and would love to help you get all your money much quicker. Give us a call today so we can show you the many ways to get you all your money much faster and easier for you call 888-798-1214
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There’s always going to be some “hair splitting”, unfortunately. BTW, contrary to popular belief, estimates do not have to be written on XM8 in order to be accepted by insurance companies. They cannot mandate how contractors and/or PA’s write their estimates. That being said, if a contractor can write a thorough and complete XM8, not a problem. However, I have rarely seen a contractor XM8 that meets that standard. I can think of only a couple of guys who write XM8’s the way they should be written - DAD, Alltex, Dave Stewart…

I never submitted an estimate on XM8 and never had to - nor wanted to, and I always did better with my own system. As important as writing a good estimate is being able to “argue” and win your case for full payment by defeating the specious objections of adjusters and in house claim reps with substantive rebuttals to those objections.

This is not the proper place to advertise my program but a little research will get you where you need to get for answers to your concerns.

Good luck!

Larry Burtis / LMB @ 3RSystems, LLC