Square per. hour - How many can most put on?

How many square should a good, experienced, young , healthy roofer put on in an hour? ( a walkable roof )

I have a couple guys that wanna be paid by the hour…I’ll probably pay em per square ( $25-$30) though …but one guy said he can do 20 sq. per hour…


Back in the day well not that long ago. Union shops wanted at least 8sq per day finished. I talked to a couple of union guys the other day and they tell me 10 sq. is now the norm. A good roofer should lay 10 sq. with no problem. I pay my guys by the hour and ask for 8-10 sq. min. That way I dont worry about fight over who got the good sides. And the job gets done right. Alot of guys say " I lay done 20-25 sq a day" How good was it ? who knows. I would rather have a guy nail 8- 10 sq each and every day with quality then 20 sqs and hope I dont get a call back in the middle of a rain storm.

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20 sq. per hour? I would pay to just watch that!!! :smiley:


.but one guy said he can do 20 sq. per hour…


Me too. Wow I must have read to fast missed it

[quote=“CCSRoofer”]but one guy said he can do 20 sq. per hour…



id like to see a crew of 5 guys lay 20 sq per hour. even THAT would be interesting to watch. lol

if a guy can do 10-15sq per day, in my book hes a fast roofer.

I agree with others, 10 or so square for an 8 hour period is decent. That guy that can do 20sq a day, I wonder if he knows shingles require 4 nails?

so you all agree about 2-4 sqr. an hour…depending on the person, pitch, etc.

but a good average on a walkable roof is probably 3 sq. an hour?..sound about right?



[quote=“CCSRoofer”]so you all agree about 2-4 sqr. an hour…depending on the person, pitch, etc.

but a good average on a walkable roof is probably 3 sq. an hour?..sound about right?



3 per hour? no way. not unless he has someone throwing the shingles down for him and lining them up… maybe 2 guys. and he is just putting the nails in. and 2 or 3 nails per shingle, and not taking any breaks at all.

also, when i was nailing, i liked a 6-7 pitch better than a 4-5 pitch. way easier on the back.

I irks me when a person says he can do so many sq per hour.

I shingled 8 sq in one hour before…but that was in the field. And after I shingled the gable, go around the 1st three pipes, shingled the 1st six courses at the eave. Then had to go around a skylight at the end of the roof.
I ended up with about 3 sq per hour average at the end of the day

So you could see how people balloon thier production rates.

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Forgot to answer your question…

A good roofer should get about 10-12 sq per day…more for the easy roofs and less for difficult ones.

Easy…Gable to Gable, 15 sq or better
Medium…A valley, 1 or 2 skylights, 10-12 sq
Difficult…Cut up pig, 7-8 sq

All numbers are based on quality installation at a decent pace.

at my prime was 3 an hour. and was 1 hour the best i think i did in 1 day was 12.

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If I kill myself, I can put down at least 20 square in eight hours. But that is on a pre-papered roof. Walkable, and not having to do too many penetrations, skylights etc.
Although I generally tone it down, so I don’t die an early death.
By the way, that is 6 nails per shingle, installed to a high degree of quality. I can go faster feeding myself shingles, I hate when guys get fed shingles. It makes no sense to me. Lazy
I have never seen anyone shingle faster than me, with the same quality (in person). But I know that those guys are out their (wish they were working for me) :stuck_out_tongue:

Same thing here 4 seasons. I have never met anyone who can shingle as fast as me and consistently hit the nail line. Feeders usually slow me down because I am usually waiting and yelling SHINGLE!!. I don’t pay any other guys to get fed either. If they want a feeder, I tell them his pay comes out of their squares.

I would say I average around 2-3. Depends on what is in my way. I am also not stupid and set myself up very smart. As I have posted before, I used to work with a guy who shingled just as quick as me, but it always seemed like I had an extra few square on by the end of the day, mainly because of set up.

Crazy ! just charge what you should for your work and you wont have to work like an animal. I learned years ago that there are no Heros in roofing. “contrary to popular belief”

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This question always means nothing to me. If I get on a roof, it is stocked and papered and a 5 pitch clear run gable, sure I’ll put up 20 square in a day. But this is rarely the case.

Steeper = slower
Fighting siding to get new flashing in = slower
penetrations = slower
valleys = slower
ridge vent = slower (hand driven)
cut up (A frames, dormers) = slower
100+ degrees outside = slower
wet wrinkly felt = slower


If I can put up 4 or 5 square a day on a steep cut up roof, and I know the chit won’t leak til the shingles fail, I’m happy with that and I can make money.

I totally agree nailer. I do 3 steady and hour if I have a feeder probably 5. I pay my laborers to feed shingles throw coils go get my knife when it falls for 100th time lol. 4 or 5 on a pig is decent I think.

We just did a 3 layer 22 sq 2 story tear off and put back masterRib metal, 80 ft of valleys ( you all know how long a metal valley takes) 1 huge chimney 30lb felt and all the trim, 2 trips to the dump…5 days all on chicken hooks. I don’t work my guys to death I ask them for a honest days work

Man, I guess Im slow. Very rarely can I put on more than 10-15 sq in a 8 hour day on your normal house with penetrations and a valley or two and a wall or two. Although the fastest team effort i have been involved in was a 24sq four sided hip roof, 5/12 one and a half story. Four of us carried the bundles up, and shingled in 1 3/4 hours. Rain was commin. Its the hip roof on my site. I thought that was ok.

I can put on 13-15sq or so a day and about 20sq a day with a feeder on a walkable easy roof. It goes down from there the harder a roof is. My other guys can do about the same but they also know that quality is more imporant to me than speed. I did once put on 7 and 2/3sq in one hour but there is no way I could keep that pace up all day long.

Where are you Superman ?? :o where hiring : )