Square prices

Hey guys,
I was just curious about the price difference per sq
between the us and canada. I’m from canada and the prices differ from province to province. While shingling in edmonton prices were very profitable.
8/12-9/12 new construct $72 a sq. Elk laminates most of the time(california style valleys and the bundles are very light compared to iko and bp lams)
I relocated to manitoba a yr or so after, and the prices are horrible.New construct Average $38 a sq with the steepest walk ons. Lots of 3 tabs.
I started my own company a few monthes ago, these are my current rates. tear off(no money in new construct here): walkable 1 layer/ $65-$70 a sq(depending on pitch) 2 layer/ $75-$85 3 layer/ $90-$95 a sq. Tear off with jacks:(pitch makes no difference if i have to use jacks anyway) 1 layer/ $100 a sq 2 layer/$110 3 layer/$120
Garbage removal included.(deck repair is decided after I can see what needs to be done).If someone could give me an idea of u.s prices from a roofers perspective, it’d be much appreciated.

I also deduct a percentage from labour if the customer goes with a type of laminate. My rates are labour rates and dont include materials.

Purely labor on a walkable 1 story shingle job (i.e. 8:12 or less) @ 65.00 to 70.00 per square to start.

Deck repair @ 60.00 minimum, 85.00 average max per sheet on same ‘generic’ roof as listed above with “maximum cuts” per sheet, i.e. if I can get 3 spots of damaged or rotten decking fixed from one single piece of 4x8. Again, labor only.

There are a lot of other variables.

As for product, felt (both 15 # & 30 #) avg. 14.00 - 15.00 per roll.

Tamko 3T is around 13.00 to 14.00 per bundle, $ 16.50 for a 30 Year Heritage Elite.

Valley around 36.00 per roll, I&W around 53.00, 1-1/2" lead around 11.50, 2" about 12.25 ea.

All prices are USD & I don’t accept payment in Molson’s, beaver pelt or hockey tickets.


Labour prices are close to mine, at least in your area, and these are low compared to other parts in canada. Prices for felt are the same, but ice and water is a around $45 a roll.

rubby painters drink molsen,
and who cares what the bill looks like, its worth the same lol

i dont price labor only. all prices are all inclusive for a finished product. so the customer gets the “real cost” of the roof. i try not to touch anything for less than $300/sq with 30 year, f5 aluminum drip, ice water shield, pipe boots, 30# felt, proper exhaust vent (when applicable). all others are extra…intake vent, higher end shingles, plywood, synthetic underlayments etc.

We have gone over this before but pricing by the square is a loose loose proposition. Makes you a commodity. There are areas in metro west of Boston where the average is close to ten dollars a square foot for a reroof, custumers are very picky and expect top notch work. My little brother work for a company out there for a while. It would be worth my while to go there but I hate traffic LOL.

Marshall, he was asking for something in a comparable figure to what he is asking so that’s what I provided.

I don’t have a ‘minimum’ set price per square; what I usually do is calc the cost for labor (my sub crew), parts (DL drip, the ‘type’ of shingle they want, lead jacks, etc) & then add on a minimum per day for getting me on the job as the contractor.

In all reality, every job is 3 things: labor, parts & profit. Of course profit isn’t always 100% take home; you’ve got to separate the other back office requirements & overhead.

Because there are so many other people in this area who price super cheap & many, many sub crews will work direct to the customer, I always offer menu pricing. I might list a roof with DL drip, ridge vents & a 30 year shingle, but I also detail what the difference in price might be for the omission of these components.

Back to the ‘minimum’ per square - I actually quoted someone VERY cheap the other day & am probably doing their total re-roofing installation in about 1 week. I always hesitate to use the word “cheap” vs. “inexpensive” but they are definitely getting a low figure as the wife has breast cancer & they are facing a lot of bills & other difficulties (I seriously doubt she shaved her head just to save on a roofing bill).

Not just parts,labor,profit.dont forget indirect cost like overhead,truck maint,insurance,etc,etc,etc,etc
Many contractors dont think of these things and it keeps a market mindset driven by bottom feeders who can never afford to retire or take a break.

I’ve had the same new construction prices since 1999.

Prices start at $30 a square labor and every pitch adds $5 a square over a 6/12. Winterguard ranges from $25-60 a roll installed depending on pitch. Half a buck a foot for drip edge installed. Two bucks a foot for ridge vent installed. $75-300 for roof loading.

Most 6/12’s average around $45 a square when all said and done. Most 8/12 around $55 a square.

In 1999 my prices were high but the two builders back then paid for quality. Around 2003 my prices were average and by 2005 they were low if anything. In 2005 my father added a 10% increase and his builders payed, I plugged foward with the same prices. Shortly there after new construction slowed and the avarage price for labor was about 25-50% less than what I had been getting for the past 7 years. My builders didnt’ question my prices but I knew they were getting calls and prices lists weekly for way less then what they were paying me.

One “roofer” cut my brothers labor charges in half on new roofs. He was getting around $2K to shingle 8/12-10/12’s and the Mexican roofer pusher bid them at $1K. My brother simply walked away from the builder. Here’s the sad thing, the builder soup said to him, “I know you guys do superior work but if you had to hack some that would be ok, we’d rather have you do all our roofs than him”.

Made a good living on those prices though. Used to do about 50-70 new roofs a year and managed to pull in around $100K a year from 00-05.

Now the new stuff is gone since the market is trash and I’ve gone into almost only insurance work. Most insurance company’s are caughing up $260-400 a square but I’ve got a couple to pay closer to $500 a square. For example the job I’m starting tommorrow is a 40sq roof with 3/4 of it at 10/12 the rest is 5/12. One layer rip 25 year three tabs, $19,27X.XX. Gonna put down Landmark Premium Hunter Green and putting down two layers of Accessories.

If and when the insurance work dries up (all are referrals from either past home owners or insurance personall) I’ll go back to the new stuff.

Next year with one crew shooting to do half a mill in insurance labor roofing. A roofer I know with two crews does 2 mill a year in insurance roofing so it’s possible. Had the chance to hire on a salesman who’s only done insurance restoration in the past 6 years and may hire him next Spring. He does around 2 mill a year in insurance work, 1 mill from his own leads and the other mill from the companies he works for. His goal was for me to do a million in a year.

My father ran five crews in 93-94 doing new roofs and he brought in $250K each year. After paying out he was left with $110K, didn’t go on a roof.