Staggered Tile

I will like to know if anyone here has good experience in laying ponderosa or bel-air tile in a staggered application .

I have some brochures with this layout but by the time the customer sees the diference in price they usually just go with the regular 14 inch rows .

Still i will like to read your experiences with the staggered layout .

It seems to be dropped every other tile about 1 "

So does this mean you have to chalk 12" - 13" courses to make sure to have a minimum 3" headlap ??

Also do you notch on every dropped tile the bottom 1 inch of exposed channel ??

are the tiles layed on battons are straight onto the roof deck

Slope is 4-5 / 12 so they are directly on deck no battens

I allready did one on a standard application it came out very nice but i want to prepare myself better for this staggered look .

Q, I have’nt done one like that, but I would certainly keep the minimum headlap on the dropped pieces on a 4-5/12.

Yes i figured I will need to chalk lines every 12 and 13 inches to create that look without overexposing the tile.

Some brochures show the one inch of channel on the dropped tiles still there and i personally don’t like it but notching that little corner on half the roof can be quite labor intensive . in comparison to just laying it down .

not to mention the weight impact and tile consumption will increase about 20% :stuck_out_tongue:

Just threw it out there i know this is not very common .

However there are some HOA’s who demand this kind of applications .

Tx for your answers

and just set it out normally and drop randon tiles on the course am laying