Staggering Timberline 30

After being denyed a new roof from my insurance
I decided to replace the old 3 tabs with timberline
30 with the help of my neighbor old roofer any way we did a little piece of my rooflast week the rear pitch and I was curious about the way he was staggering after the drip edge and starter strip He was doing whole then half whole then half I went to the Gaf Website it states:
whole,6,17,ect…Do you think there are any major
major problems with this even though where the shingles join each other its covered by the above shingle? $$ Tight Budget right now otherwise
would have hired a pro roofer

Any help Or suggestions Appreciated Thanks!!!


It seems like you are getting what you paid for.

I guess this is one of the reasons he is not in the roofing business anymore.

You didn’t have to go online to findout the pattern, it is printed on every one of the bundles of shingles.


Yea i understand that and no its not printed on the
bundle packaging Thats the first place I looked
It just shows what the shingles are made of ect…
anyway is their any Major problems with this stagger?
whole, Half, whole, half,

thanks for the reply

Firstly cosmetic problems as the end result will wind up looking out of wack.

Secondly, it is not the manufacturers installation procedures and could wind up being the reason for any denial of any potential future warranty claim.

Water-tightness should still be okay, unless he has any shingles layed joint over joint.



What shingles did you get?

You call your neighbor a roofer?

I bet any money he’s also a plumber, carpenter, painter, etc?

With out a professional hate to say it but your on your own.

Good luck and next time hire a pro.

A refinance or home equity loan would be better than a cheap poorly installed roof.

its common sence.
if they will work with just a 6 inch stagger then yes they will work with a 20 inch.
most roofers dont want to stagger that far because its harder to lay the shingles that way.

as long as you have atleast 6 inches stagger from one shingle to the next. youll be allrite.

i would be worried if he was only staggering a couple of inches. hes over doing it in a sence.

one more thing. you say you replaced the old three tab shingles. that concerns me because alot of houses
are to low of a slope and need three tabs.
so i hope you have atleast a 3/12 slope or better
for demensionals.


if it is in a plastic wrapper look on the inside of the wrapper for the instructions. or

Even though it is not the “correct” way you shouldn’t have any problems.
What Gweedo said is true…
The recommended stagger is for the roof to look right.
I can’t think of a good reason to do it the way you described, seems like it will take longer…
This alone won’t cause any problems, but if he is doing this what else is he doing?
Are the shingles being nailed correctly?
This is more important.

I have noticed recently that even when you follow the recommended stagger you will still get laminants “stacked” upon one another…
This is something we watch for and correct accordingly.
Some slip by and it is noticable.

Hey Guys Just Wana say thanks for all the replys
Ill be sure to get this corrected
another Question::

When the roof meet’s a Verical Wall Do you Guys
usally Do the STEP FLASH METHOD? Thats another area
of concern because Right now the old roof has A Big
strip of metal flashing going down the edge of the
wall where its covered with the shingles on top but
the verticle piece is tucked behind the wood siding
I can seen it when I went up in the attic it seems to be in like new condition still. My roof Aint got No valleys just 2 pitches the front high one then
the rear which is lower. full wood siding home

thanks for your replys

the usual is full,7" off full,15"off full,21-22 off full,then back to full shingle,step flashing is the better method,but apparently the solid flashing is allowed in florida(my house would get step flashing)–looks like you got a crappy installation,I would look to see that the nails are flush to the shingles,and are not the reasons your shingles are raised up like that

Most companys ask for a 45 angle type stagger on shingles. Laying the seams like a staircase every 6-8". This is for looks and from what I understand it also helps reduce any possible damage from high winds. You can cheat and run like:

1st. 6-8"
2nd. 6-8"
3rd. 1/2 way

rinse repeat.

I wonder if the manufacturers recommend splitting the fourth or fifth row to prevent blow offs.

Once a row starts they can keep going to the top if not restricted.

with an impressive question.
Are the shingles being nailed correctly?
This is more important.

impressive indeed.

as far as the metal goes roofie,
if its in good condition , clean it off and reuse it.


Gweedo And everbody Else
For the Valuable Info and Your Expertise


We do not rreuse anything but apron if in good copndition. ALL step flashing is replaced. I dotn want to ever hear from these people again. Maybe i just care who knows. Oh i know i dont cut ANY corners.

going back to a full shingle every 4th shingle makes it harder for wind to damage than a continuous staircase pattern,plus it looks better !

So say when you complete your courses and your
at the other end of the rake and your like 1 or 2"
short of letting it over hang the rake what do
you usually do? ajust your staggering pattern? what would be a safe distance from the joint to the rake??

Thanks Again for the replys!

Im Learning from the pros at :mrgreen: