Standing seam with color-matched exhaust vents

Can anyone tell me if most, or any, metal companies sell exhaust vents that coordinate with their standing seam products? I am having a standing seam roof installed and will need 3 exhaust vents for my appliances. The contractor says no-can-do. Any suggestions?

yeah ,
some roofers seam to think, that its the applicaince people or plumbers , responsabilty to supply the vents, lead boots, etc.
i dont like that cause usually the vents they use will be inferior, and not made of the same metal.

so basiccally you need to find out what kind of metal you have ie; copper galvanized, galvalume, stainless steel, and have
your vents custom made of the same.
depending on what kind of metal you have you my find some of the vents allready made online.
example; if you have a galvanized metal panel, then look up galvanized roof vents and youll be able to find the one you need allready made.

the whole point is to use the same metal.

good luck.


Thanks Gweedo! The panels are galvanized. Next question- Goose Neck or another type? Trying for a low wind profile because of hurricanes. Any help is appreciated.

Just call your local sheet metal contractor. Itll be a piece of cake for him to do stuff like that.

the hardest part is going to be finding a deck-mate to seal those vents that the same color. I did hear of a company making colored deck-mates, i will keep looking for those to see if I can get a brand name.

You should have the vent piece welded and soldered to the roof. But if you must … You can use Hydro Stop’s acrylic system to waterproof the connection without the solder. They have a tint base you can have matched to any color you want by your local paint shop. Or they will match it for you. It is an inexpensive and a solid solution to your problem. despite what Aaron B says after this.

I do not trust acrylics nor self-adhered, sam. :smiley:

i know you dont Aaron. .

I have no clue what either of you are talking about.

ok ya got galvanized roof .

purchase a grv 10" for stove and grv 4" for dryer and bathroom vent.

those are standard vent were im at.


Solder the transitions, if youre using glavanized. The best joint available if done properly.