Standing seam?

I have done plenty of standing seam roofs, but all have been when working for someone else as installer. Have been on my own for three years now, and a GC that I do work for has one for me to do. It is 9 pitch old metal roof to come off and cedar shake underneath and then reinstall new. Have no idea what to charge for install of new?So if anybody can help me would be greatly aapreciiated

Well, have you done snap lock or mechanical seam, or where they exposed fastner econo panels?If youve done the real deal with someone who showed ya right, then you know it can be a slow, paistaking process.Hope I dont come off as a dick, but what some call st.seam I call through fasten econo panels.As far as labor, figure out how much time you think it will take, then double that.I seam to keep learning this lesson the hard way. :mrgreen: Best of luck to ya-Ray

it will be snap lock with hidden fasterners.Thanks for the input on the labor.

Figure all materials as closely as you can. Figure how long for you and your helpers/crew.The first and last two days will be for staging and wrapping up.That is 4 days of work you needed to account for to make $$$.I am still looking for a good formula for metal installs but it is tough. If you think the job will take a 4 days you should figure 7. It depends on the job of course. I have made good $ and have really screwed up also. If it is a pent roof or something small it should be a know brainier. Gweedo has done some nice looking metal jobs.