Starter metal and drip edge metal

I’m roofing an addition on my home. The existing home was a roofover with Pabco P30 asphalt shingles done in 2006. The contractor used 3" starter metal at the gutters and 2x2 drip metal at the gables.
I intend to NOT use either type of metal on the addition. Prior to the reroof in '06 there was no metal and the roof performed very well for many years.
Can I simply extend the starter and first course over the gutter about 3/4" and overhang the rake 1/2" to 3/4"?
Thank you!

We give it 2 knuckles on bottom w/no metal and 1 knuckle on the rakes.

I am in the Seattle area and because we get a lot of rain through out the year and non-stop for a week at a time…Going with 3/4 inmay not be wise.

Most roofers in our area will over hang about 1 1/2 inches on a standard 5 inch K-Line gutter. A smaller gutter will definetely force you to overhang at a shorter distance.

Drawbacks of 3/4 inch overhang in our rainy weather…Water can wick back toward the fascia…begin to soak into the soffit plywood and/or drip between your gutter and fascia

i wouldnt avoid using metal at the rakes. maybe not drip edge but use something. i use nosing ranging from 2x2 to 1.5x1.5. it is a vital part in assuring that any wicking moisture does end up on the topside of the underlayment and not underneath. as far as the gutter i would and right now give all my roofs 1.5 over hang into the gutter.

Its a regional thing.We use it next to never with no issues.

Thanks for the comments and advice!

It is best to use metal at all edges. Metal is not essential to roof performance, but metal edges and drip edges are included in manufacturer’s specifications to attain an approved warranty. Those felt paper edges always rapidly deteriorate without protective metal.

You need metal for a warranty?Thats a broad statement.Which manufacturers?Which area?Some recommend it,doesn’t mean you need it.

I have always hated edge metal on the rakes. It looks cheap if it has` shingle mold thats a 1" x 2" trim piece that is installed to hide the plywood seam we leave the shingle 1 knuckle If no shingle mold we then install metal. On the eves install a gutter with a wing and let it hang 1". If there is no gutter We always install metal then overhang 1". As you guys know the majority damage to the sheathing is always on edges of the eves.