Starter Strip Up The Rake

The guy I hired for some reason never installed and Starter strips up the rake. I do have drip edge going up the rake. Is this grounds for some shingles blowing off?

No. Some do it, some don’t. It’s purely cosmetic

Thanks. Would it hurt to use some roofing cement between the shingle and drip edge?

Not at all. In fact, laying the rake shingles in cement is code in Florida.

Thanks for the help.

Starter strip up the rake are called bleeders, purely personal preference. I never use them.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend adding roofing cement if the job is already finished. Too much chance to make a mess and it will probably void (it would if it was one of my installs) any workmanship warranty the roofer gave you. Too risky that someone who isn’t experienced could pull shingles through nails or seal up a joint in a shingle that could trap water.

P.s. I don’t install starters up the rake either, I think they are an unnecessary upsell.

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We install starter on both the rakes and eaves. While there may be some debate on the necessity for installing starter on the rakes, I’ve yet to hear a sound reason for not installing it on the rakes. It’s minimum cost so we just do it. We also install specialty cap vs cut 3 tabs on all roofs, even low pitched. Easier on the crew and I think it is important to do things as consistently as possible.


Starters up the rake are called bleeders.

Starters/bleeders up the rake are for roofers
Who prefer to not install metal along the rake.
If you install drip edge metal on the rakes, it is totally not necessary and a waste.

Also, cement on the rakes are totally not necessary!
The roof will never leak because you left it out.
It is only helpful if a Cat 3 hurricane comes through.
I cement all my rakes, but it is only because my area demands it by code.
And we need to prepare for that huge hurricane that might one day come through.

We always install starter shingles up the rake. It’s part of the warranty system, details with GAF. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 3 tab or a laminate, we always do it. It makes for clean lines and it gives the rake a seal strip.

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Always do so. Why wouldn’t you?

This is an “upsell” to some? Really?

I just fail to see any benefit to it other than if the installer can’t keep his rake cuts straight (which I can). I get that you can get a better wind warranty if you install them but I don’t buy that they really would help in a real life setting. I mean what’s suposed to keep your shngles (which are nailed on) from blowing off is…another shingle which is simply nailed on. If they had a tar strip on the front AND back I could see the benefit but they don’t. I think a bed of roofing cement helps 10x more than a starter strip up the rake.

Around here it would be abnormal to not use shingles up the rake,some guys use the shingles they’re running and install them face down, so you see the same colour when you look up. Actually looks kind of nice. Doesn’t do crap for wind, obviously.

OK. Fair enough. Differing markets

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