Starting a Business


This is my first time on this board although I’ve been lurking a little bit for the past few days.

As the subject says, I want to know how to start the roofing business.

My husband has been a roofer for the past 7-8 years. His is sought out by roofing contractor companies who like how he works and especially that he’s fast and get’s it done nicely. Currently he works for a subcontractor and every day he could be working for a different contractor (home depot, tsi, etc). Now he’s at the point that he wants to go out on his own and become a subcontractor. We want to do this together (of course I will not be working the roof :smiley: …I’m better in the office).

I tried to obtain an appointment with a known accounting firm in town that has helped a lot of roofing companies start their business. At the moment I think they are to full capacity and they have been having problems with insurance companies not wanting to do business with them anymore because of some issues that have arised between them. So, I’m back to hunting for some help or guidance as to how we may start this business. I know we need a van, tools, roofers…we have all that. We just need to register a company and get insurance oh and help with the tax aspect of running a business. I don’t know where to start or from where I can obtain recommendations for a good accounting firm…or can we do accounting ourselves with Quicken??? Where to start?

Where are you located?

Thank you for your response. I live 30 min. from Philly in PA and 10-15 min from Trenton, NJ which is where I find most roofers. I’m only seperated from NJ by the Delaware River.