Starting business help

Hey guys I’m sure you all see this topic a lot with so many guys trying to start their own business but I’m looking for a little bit of help. My father has aver 30 years experience roofing and I have been hounding him the last few years to start his own business and he is finally starting to consider it. My idea is hopefully to start together and maybe someday retire him out. I’ve been on roofs since I was 8 (23 now) so I’m pretty knowledgeable but still have plenty to learn. My first question is how do most of you go about your business. Do you hire crews that have their own comp and insurance ( technically subcontractors)? Or carry your own comp and insurance on your guys? Also do you pay hourly or piece work by the sq or ft? I know companies that do it both ways and they all seem to have thier advantages and disadvantages. Thanks for any help guys in advance.

Crews have to have their own insurance and you should have a policy on your company as well. Require that your company is added as additionally insured. That way, in the event three is a problem, you can file a claim. Pay by the square.

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