Starting my own company

hi i really need advice on the buisness aspect of roofing…lemme give u my background so maybe u can help me out…my father chased storms fixxing roofs and every chance he had id work as free labor his roofing skills were great,and people skills great but he knew we werent gonna b there very long so i cant say he was most honest…regardless to say my education level is low and i know nothing about how to manage a buisnessnow dont get me wrong im a field man i can lead a crew till they er kickin and screaming orb a one man crew who can stand by crews…but as i said i have no buisness sence i have the slightest clue what to do i live in realtive small town 50 miles to any prominent city
i charge 30 on 30 off above 10/12 +10 per /12
or 40 /hr
mostly i run around fixxing things for contractors in town ihave no insurance id like 2 know where i have to go and what i have 2 do to be a “legal” company
well thanks

You should go to SBA ( small Business administration and get some counciling for how to do a startup. The will get you pointed in the right direction. Maybe even give you some money to help out. Otherwise it sounds like you would be a better lead guy for somebody else who already has it together.

Just do all the legal stuff right away before you try and start finding contracts. At first keep working fo a company and while doing that register a company name get all the legal stuff sorted out. thatt way you are not backtracking. Job shadow a small roofing company. Preferably a refoofing company. That way youll see first hand at what it takes to get contracts in your area.

wow! a canadian roofer bet its cold rite now…!thanks for the advice guys im working on it…is there a roofers ‘GUILD’? :?:


National Roofing Contractors Association


National Roofing Contractors Association[/quote]

And im the president

[quote=“roofing buster”]


National Roofing Contractors Association[/quote]

And im the president[/quote]


My suggestion is to try & learn as much as you can from other people who do complete re-roofing (as well as repairs).

If you do get to where you’re going to sell jobs, you’ll need to know exactly what the cost is for your job material. Make an itemized list of what it is every job might need, like this:

3 Tab shingles, brand 123, $ 15.00 per bundle x ?? bundles = _________
Starter Strip, brand 456, $ 15.00 per bundle x ?? bundles = ___________
Felt, 15 / 30 #, $ 15.00 per roll x ?? rolls = _____________________
OSB Decking x $ 10.00 per ½" OSB x ?? pieces _____________________
Delivery Charge / Fuel Surcharge @ $ 25.00 ________________________
Sub total: _________________
Tax: _____________________
Parts total: ________________

Installation, crew @ ?? per square x ?? squares = ____________________
2 Story charge, ?? per square x ?? squares = _______________________
Steep Charge: ____ :12 pitch x ?? per square = _____________________
Extra decking, per piece @ ?? each x ?? pieces ______________________

Extras (permit fees, insurance %age, whatnot) ______________________

Labor total: _______________

Total cost of parts + labor + Extras = base cost ____________________
Total sale / quote = ___________________________________________

Subtract total for base cost from total sale / quote = profit of __________

I actually have an Excel spreadsheet that I use to calculate all of this, but it’s the same basic formula.

If you can print out every possible price point you might need (drip edge, valley metal, lead jacks, paint, silicone, etc.) plus know what your labor is going to cost you per square, then you’ll have a better grip on what you are doing.

It can help your bottom line if you get deposit checks made out in the name of the supply house, that way you don’t have to extend yourself & possibly get into a situation where you are owing a supply house more money than you have on hand.

I HIGHLY suggest that if you do have to take deposits, back off the deposit you request by about $ 200.00 from the total so if you have any extras you don’t want to keep, you can return for a credit in YOUR name & not the customers. Two bills isn’t so much that you can’t make this up in the difference but if you do have some oddball color leftover, you don’t have to sit on it & hope that you get a 2nd customer who wants Forest Green 30 Year Dimensional.

That’s my suggestion, anyhow.