Starting on my own in Michigan

I have recenlty decided to split from the company I am currently working for and start my own roofing business. My dad has a builders license and I was wondering if anyone knows if I am able to work as a sub-contractor under his license. Also what type of insurance or other licensing do I need. Any advice would be helpful.


You will need comp and liability, and you may work under your fathers license if he allows it.
When you do get your license get the full general contractors license.
Good luck it is a tough market out there right now…
If you always do high quality work you will have work when others don’t, and you will command a higher price.
Don’t undersell your skills, they have value…

Good luck with all that. If your going to sub going rate for labor is around 65 for walkable and 75 for non plus extras. You will ned insurance that will cost a ton esp if you get the correct insurance, not framing but roofing. Now is a bad time since the season is basically over. Also the economy sucks a bunch too. If you are going to sell these yourself and use your dads lic. then you will be fine if you know how to sell. If not you will be doing work for close to free and then you will go out of business. Al i can say is i hop e you know what you are doing. This is really a bad time for new companies in michigan at the end of the season. Do you have pricing set up for this yet or no. Let me know what you are plaing i might be able to help some.

Nelson, gtp1003 is right, it is a bad time to go out on your own here in Michigan!! I am seeing such low prices out there that I don’t see how they are making any money at all, let alone a profit.

I am seeing jobs being done for labor at less than $20 a sq in the West Michigan area.

Yes you can use your Dads license, BUT, he needs to sell the jobs, you can’t…if you are going to play by the rules. You would have to get a salesman license from the state if you are going to sell in Michigan, under his license.

Also you need Workers Comp for your employees and if you go that route, a Workers Comp exemption for yourself. And you need Liability insurance, though the State of Michigan doesn’t require you to have Liability ins.

My workers comp is running 49.9 percent of payroll and my liability is running about 138 percent of payroll.

Honestly at a time like this, if you are looking to quit where you are now, go to other roofing companies and negotiate a better pay than you are getting now. I really wouldn’t recommend going out on your own right now.


They are both right…

I agree with Axiom.