Starting roofing company in Miami

Would like to get some feedback on starting a roofing business in the Miami area.
For the past 20 years I have owned and operated a basement waterproofing business in Boston,(tired of the cold).
I have also been buying fixing and selling single family homes in Miami for the past 3 years,unfortunatly the market is terrible here right now and am currently holding 2 properties.
I will be taking the roofers exam in December.
I have many years experience in marketing and running crews,mostly would like to hit the ground running and need to learn the technical side of the roofing business,any help would be greatly appreciated .I do have leads of people who need there roof done,but I dont have roofing experience,should i try and exchange the leads for commission and knowledge?

Well it is possible if you have a crew that knows what they are doing. I have my own company here in Indiana if you would like to talk some time drop me an email and we can exchange information and maybe I can help you a little