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We are working a state farm claim where the claim is written to repair 175 shingles.

Hip roof with the majorit of damage to 3 of 4 slopes. Roof is currently 3 tab and original to the home built in 2001.

Met with a St. Farm adjuster onnsite for inital inspection and since then wd have submitted to the desk adjuster revieing the file the brittle test photos and a request to haveba 2nd insprction for repairability. The initial inspector noted that a repair was possible which i do not believe we can properly repair without making more damage. State farm is saying that they do not owe for a old roof. We keep saying that we are not asking for st farm to pay for the roof but to have a 2nd inspection to verify the repairability. They arennot granting such request.

Any help on how to get st farm back to the property to inspect would be appriciated.

Thank you

First of all, get someone else to write correspondence for you. SPELL CHECK IS FREE! A contractor asking an adjuster for a reinspection is often an invitation to a pissing contest where nobody wins. Have the insured do so on your behalf and in the following manner. Email a request to the claims manager and cc the original adjuster and you stay out of it until a meeting is set. The insurance company has a contractual relationship with the insured and not with the contractor.

It works and preserves your professionalism because you may stuck dealing with this same adjuster on some other sunny day in the future.

Good luck!


Yep, you want the insured to ask for a second inspection, with you there to let them watch you try to remove a shingle. Puts the followup call on the insured, not you.

Why? A year from now, you’ll be in a huge storm event and end up seeing that same adjuster, 10 times. They never forget a face. There’s always that weirdness between you and him…or her…

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Thank you all for the replies. I have been working the same area for the past 7 yrs. Usually we have a local St Farm adjuster that we normally meet. No issues at all with said adjuster. This time, during initial inspection, it was an adjuster from the ATL area who took a 3hr trip to make this particular inspection. Never seen the inspector before and i doubt i will ever see this adj again. The local adjuster occasionally has help from other territories and when this happens we never see said adjuster/ inspector ever again. Also we are dealing with the desk adj at the moment. All that being said, if its a matter of being cautious bc we may meet the adjuster aging in the feild, i dont think that that is a concer for us at the moment. Still, have the Homeowner reach out the the desk adj for 2nd reinspction??

If it was your claim and you did not have to worry about ever running into the same adjuster and desk adjuster? How would you approch this claim?

Please advise. Thank you all!!

Several points;

  • If you work the same area, you then need to be especially certain those you encounter see you as a someone they can go to. You don’t spill diesel on the field where you are growing potatoes.

  • Familiarity with “local adjusters and bankers” has been a problem in the eyes of such large corporations for many years because familiarity opens the door to subjectivity. Subjectivity is counterproductive and diminishes profits. Treat every adjuster you encounter with the same respect as you would your local adjuster. THEY ALL TALK AMONGST EACH OTHER!

  • There are two parties who gain benefit from the successful resolution of this claim, yourself as the contractor, and the homeowner as the insured. If you are in a rowboat with two people, each rowing from their own side, you both need to contribute equally or the boat goes in circles. You did your part and now the insured needs to step up.

  • If it was my claim and I didn’t need to worry is simply playing pretend. Deal with reality and you will learn that is where the resolution resides.

Keep it simple and move onto the next claim … and so on … and so on.

With State farm, if you call in Wind and Hail, you get local adjuster in our area.

All you need to do is document a video and photographed repair. It will show if it is not repairable. If they fight it further demand appraisal. You’re basically either proving your point for the adjuster or the umpire. Thank don’t is 2 layers or more and the hips are tired in then you should get the whole roof.

You should certainly let the adjuster make the move. However, I would point the owner in the direction of the video and photographed repair. This usually works well these days.

State Farm has always been crap. 25? years ago had an adjuster wanting me to put the 3rd layer on a 5/12. Said I couldn’t / wouldn’t do it, unless he signed off on the code and collapse liability. He says I can’t do that, I says neither can I, write the damn check! I had fun with him…

I’d send the homeowner a detailed explanation, as to why you feel the suggested repairs will cause further damage, and attach any photos or other supporting documents to verify your assessment.
Most adjusters will work with you providing you approach the issue correctly and professionally, however I’d encourage the policy holder to make the requests your asking for.
Ultimately State Farm has a contractual agreement with the homeowner. At the end of the day I’d not agree to make the repair if you believe they will cause more damage. Propose an alternate solution to the homeowner that’s you feel meets their individual needs regardless of what the insurance pays.