Steep Charges?

I’ve been installing insurance roof replacement for a couple of years and have had this happen two times and not sure if I rightfully can ask for this because the first time the adjuster never would approve it and it was a very large roof. Unfortunately, my profits were not so large.
When a roof is 10/12 pitch or higher, is the claim suppose to pay for the 7/12-9/12 & the 10/12-12/12 when the pitch is in this range? In all other claims that I have installed both charges have been included. Am I correct to ask for this? How would you suggest approaching this with the adjuster? It’s a 30 square roof of which they also left out the high charge. Appreciate any info asap. thanks

I always charge for the extra stuff, and steep is extra.

My question is, " Is there suppose to be two line items included for a 10/12 roof? One for 7/12-9/12 & one for 10/12-12/12.

I’ve heard there are. I’ve never gone by their prices which seem to always be about 30%-50% lower than normal prices, so I wouldn’t know about that.
I just figure what I need so profit never drops below $150.-$200. per square.
I charge extra for having no access to the site too.

Is there a source for standard rates besides Xactimate

OH is your running cost per month, work or no work, divided by 28 days. That number +20% is added to every day a job is supposed to take to cover OH. (Ins, Comp, taxes is a part of OH too. Electric, advertising, phones, etc. Rent and equipment too.)
Cost is the material, and fuel, an ddelivery or pickup cost, +20% added to each job.

Labor is whatever you have to pay per job, + whatever you want for profit per job.

It is one or the other, not both. That is why the 10:12 to 12:12 is a higher charge than 7:12 to 9:12. There’s a third, that being above 12:12.

There are certainly times where you have a roof that has both and in those cases, you have to split out the portions that are steep and double steep proportionately. If you sketch the roof in Xactimate, that is relatively easy to do.

I didn’t catch this at first, so you better add 30% markup. Though it seems like a lot, you need runnng money and the ability to replace tools and trucks any given year. Those running expenses can kill a business. :shock: