Still having problems with drip edge. 3rd contractor

Hello everyone.
I first posted back in Feb. 2006.

My problem is defectively installed drip edges that allowed water to run off the house between fascia and the drip edge. Which caused the soffits and the fascia to deteriorate. Original contractor refused to honor his warranty. Second contractor: charged $400 to remove and reinstall bottom row of shingles and extend them 1 inch past the roof’s edge. This did not work!

Third, very reputable contractor. Installed felt between bottom row of shingles. Did not do a tear-off. I told him that there were still a few areas of water running down fascia. He said that it would stop once the glue/caulk material used settled. Now there is mold on the fascia.

What is the proper procedure? Somebody please. This is driving me batty, not to mention the cost. Should I request that the entire drip edge material be totally re-done and replace the bottom row of shingles? Could it be a defect in the type of drip edge used?

I am also concerned because since contractor #2 extended the shingles, there are large moisture spots on the ground every morning which is causing the concrete to stain.

Thank you.


Maybe it is not the drip edge.

Maybe it is not the roof.

Post a picture. That will give more of an idea of what you have.

hello cyndyb,

well the stains on concreate sounds like brown water comin from the soaked fasha.

if you still have water comin out between your evedrip and fasha ( after three roofers) then you have been hirin knuckleheads.

just make shure the next guy/girl is not a knucklehead and youll be just fine.

you can post pics and we will can help you further.


How difficult is it to correct this problem? Is a complete tear-off and re-install of a new roof necessary? Or just the shingles near the drip edge?

I agree with the knucklehead comment, however this is near Katrina-land where good contractors have been in great demand, and even reputable, well established companies are performing under-par because they are over booking their work load. It is extremely difficult to get one to even come out to the house for smaller jobs.

It seems that every contractor has a different solution/fix for this problem. A picture might not give you the full story unless it is raining, then you can see that the water is running between the fascia and the drip edge.

Thanks again.

repairin the bottom edge is allways a hard job to get back rite.
you probably atta cut your losses and get a new roof.
just make shure they throw in any rotted fasha.
and tell them your previous problems and they should see what caused it when they tear it off.

good luck.


Well a picture will let us see if the drip is installed correctly and to check the overhang of the shingles. How difficult is it to fix, very getting it to seal, look right and work is very hard. Please post a picture to see what type of drip edge you are using and what the shingle overhang is. With those 2 items that can have a large effect on water run-off. Please post them so we can see what we are talking about it does not have to be raining to see what is wrong. Please have pictures in the area’s that are still having the problems. If you have gutters you will need to get on a ladder to get a good pic of the drip edge.

More than likely you will have to get a new roof to get this corrected the proper way. One of my worries is the lower half of the roof actually leaking and running down the deck to the fascia. Please submit several pics of the fascia, drip, and first few rows of shingles. This way we can better help you with your question. Thanks