Still the 4th most dangerous job in America

That time of the year when i make my trek to the Attorneys office to have him look over my contracts. Texas changes contract law, seems like every year. Every year, he tells me where my profession ranks among the most dangerous. My response is always the same, at least I’m not an official scumbag, (Lawyer). I’m always offended when people I meet or clients I’m talking to, don’t get it, that we spend, thousands of dollars a year, buying safety equipment. Pushing safety, everyday. They always comment on, I bet yall fall off all the time. No…we don’t. The first stop today, this guy was talking about the plethera of cops getting shot yesterday. I waited till he finished and then I told him, what a shame that anyone is gunned down. He said “cops have the most dangerous job”. I waited and said, I would think that too, but according to the statistics, they rank 25 on the most dangerous jobs. The most dangerous job is the guys selling fish to your grocers and restaurants. It’s a crazy world. Just my thoughts. Be safe. The statistics don’t lie, but you don’t have to be one.

Most dangerous jobs in America 2021

1] Fishing and hunting workers: 145%

2] Logging workers: 68.9%

3] Aircraft pilots and flight engineers: 61.8%

4] Roofers: 54.0%

5] Helpers, construction trades: 40.0%

6] Refuse and recyclable material collectors: 35.2%

7] Driver/sales workers and truck drivers: 26.8%

8] Structural iron and steel workers: 26.3%

9] Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers: 23.2%

10] Grounds maintenance workers: 19.8%.

I always question statistics and if they are purposely assembled to capture the attention of a particular audience.

A roofer does indeed face danger however it is in a mostly static environment where risks can reasonably be anticipated and controlled. In most cases, it is a relatively tranquil environment with lttile variability with the types of risks you face. Unfortunatley, the injuries associated in the trade can be quite “pronounced” prefect for attention grabbing headlines.

Pilots and aviation workers tend to be ridiculously safe in the way they approach their trade as they are bound to rigid checks and measures which are constantly reexamined and updated. Unfortunately, when things go bad, they tend to do it with spectacular results.

I agree that cops do have the most dangerous jobs as they never know what to expect. A domestic occurance, a traffic stop, controlling traffic, transporting offenders, etc, etc. How do you measure danger when being faced with a constant stream of random probabilities that can change your life in an instant? How about being exposed to an endless stream of social decay that errodes your persona leaving you in a never ending state of PTSD? Is that not danger or do we not factor that metric?

If I worked with lions and tigers everyday, creatures that are designed to kill me, yet my precautions created a safe work environment leading to few “reported” injuries, would that make it a safe vocation and set me lower on the list?

I’d say these statistics tend to concentrate on reported injury outcomes vs overall job danger. This is because society fixates on newsflashes and not “difficult to measure” slow decay of the human condition whether it is physical or psychological.

This is what sells movies and books. Hey maybe this type of statistical presentation also sells insurance policies? Hmmm

You gotta realize that every man in the country that wanted work has been a roofer…counting all those ones that didn’t make it til lunch on their first day!

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And never came back for their nailbags or their 3 hours of unearned pay. We used to have piles of cheap nailbags to hand out to new hires from all the abandoned ones. The cloth ones with the 10’ tapes and picture hanger hammers hit the dumpster.

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