Storing Extra Shingles

I just had a new roof installed with Cambridge Dual Grey asphalt shingles. The installer left me a substantial pile of spares: five packages of 41"x14"x2.5". I get the logic of keeping these around for repairs, but the storage recommendations I’ve found online totally defeat me: Not too warm, not too cool, not too moist, not on the floor and no stacking. That implies an indoor area of at least 20 square feet that I can’t use for anything else.

Can you help me with some practical advice?

Stack them 5 packages high in the corner of your garage or out in a shed, just keep them out of direct sunlight and protected from the elements.


If you have a porch you can hide them under that works well, as long as they’re wrapped and not in a puddle you can store them pretty much anywhere
5 high won’t hurt anything,stack them evenly and they should be plenty stable

Whew! How much do those suckers weigh? Definitely a two-handed load. Does it matter which side is up?

I had to stand one of them on end for storage because the shelf was obviously at its weight limit with four in a stack; I tried to get the fifth one as vertical as possible.

Thanks for your help!

They generally weigh between 70-85 lbs, don’t store them vertically.

Guess I was unclear about that fifth package. I set it on its LONG edge and used the stack to get it as straight as possible against the wall, but it may still have some curve. It’s very hard for an old codger like me to move a stack weighing close to 300 lb, and the shelf was definitely groaning under the load. I could probably get it to stack five high, though, if you think it’s very important. Just concerned that particle board shelf might cave and then it will be even more curved than it is now!

I wouldn’t recommend storing them on a shelf unless it very strong

It’s not likely that you are going to need 5 bundles for small repairs in the future, maybe just discard a couple or 3 if you can’t return them.