Storm hit in minnesota

Can ne body tell me if a storm hit in minnesota some time last week cause I have heard some rumors and just trying to find out how true it is ? So if somebody knows something please let me know so I can start pulling some strings Thanks Beforehand

nope just some much needed rain sorry.

tbell, are you a chick roofa?

Nahhhh, Just Some Fairy…



lots of comedy here lately

:stuck_out_tongue: no Corry I am not a woman Roofer I aam a woman contractor.

That is a good one Agape… funny but true… :stuck_out_tongue:

im sorry tink. the fairy thing was pretty funny, im still laughing.

I think she has been on here before. If I’m not mistaken they are mexican storm chasers.Sorry if I’m wrong.

Thats okay, I like the way she flutters her wings.


dave, it could be that mexican chickita that was contractor of the yr. in last monthes rfg. contr. magazine. out of dallas i think.

Her spelling and grammar are too good to be mexican.

(no offense to my friends from south of the border)

Her Husband is of Hispanic Heritage, if I remember correctly and that is why she communicates on the forum for him, due to better fluency of the language.


ya ed, that was a pretty good sucess story. shes got it made on bidding state & fed. jobs. two minorities; being hispanic american & being a female contractor.

Read the article in the roofing magazine. The Mexicans roofing partner is her husband which is a white guy. So technicaly 50% Woman owned and 50% Mexican owned.

I get a lot of English speaking wifes, girlfriends, sisters, aunts, cousins, etc. of Mexican roofers who call me looking for work. I hate when they call me. Someday they will stop calling me. Most of my home owners ask if I have Mexicans on my crew. If I said yes would lose a lot of jobs. After that Monday a few years ago that they decided they could strike or in there case walk out of work most of my home owners said they wanted no Mexicans on there property.

Sorry no hail of any size to damage roofing or siding in Minnesota YET. We did get some wind a month ago but us local contractors have everything under control.

Look to those people who c us as a minority let me get something straight for u cause ur mind is ruuning a lil sideways. Here in the united states we r not the minority we r almost the mayority ok and to all the stupid home owners that do not like mexican crews on their roof lololol i laugh in their face cause they r the poor assholes calling me and asking me to go fix the shit that the white crew done. and being mexican and or being a woman helps me alot in the roofing buisness cause i bet u if i go to a roofing company and u go also they will give the job and not ya… :wink: .

I have just lost any respect that I might have had for you and your husbands roofing operation.

It will not matter to you though, because you flagrantly pointed out how you really feel about people needing to become citizens and getting paid a decent standard of living without having to work like a slave.

Your husband sounds like a good hard worker, but snubbing your nose at the vices of the end results that will occur if too many illegals take over higher paid positions will serve no long term justice for any of the workers in the country regardless of race or citizenship status.

Yes, many home owners will choose a cheaper price by contractors who cheat any of the systems out there, but that doesn’t mean that it is right.


Im with Ed.

That last post irritated me. The reason they would go with you is because you wouldnt have a price of 11700 for a 22 square 2 layer tear off and reshingle with 30 year like I just finished up. You would come in at 5000 and then the homeowners will be pissed off that they tried to save money with the people who spoke no english who they couldnt even tell they were doing it wrong because no one understood.

I have no problem with Mexican workers or the mexican people. I like their culture, I like their food, I like their work ethics. What I dont like is the Mexican people like you who ruin it for the hardworking ones trying to become true Americans. One day it will catch up. I am about to start calling the immigration service everytime I see a mexican crew with known illegals working.

P.S. The people I sell roofs to wouldnt trust you enough to let you give them an estimate.

That is a GOOD price Bam Bam , I can only get that number on 32 sq. 1 layer here, and not enough people have the coin to do it at any cost,lol…
I prefer the 12-15 sq. Chalet 12/12 that I can get 450.00 per sq. and it still sounds like a SCREAMIN DEAL cause it is not big…I do them in 2 days with 1 helper, and don’t break a sweat…and give helper a lil somthin,somethin for hustlin…
As far as Tinkerbell, I have to agree with Ed.I dealt with a few Mexicans , and they all have the same approach, meek, mild ,and almost timid ,till they get comfortable,then they change their tune,and most will end up showing you just how much English they do speak,lol…

My comments were not intended to seem racially motivated at all, just a response to a chip on the shoulder attitude that just struck a very wrong nerve with me, especially when it seems there is nothing being done about ANY type of illicit contractor, regardless of ethnicity.

I have many wonderful Hispanic relatives, one whom I have been Blessed to know since the early 70’s when I was still in High School and she married one of my older cousins. There are many more blended Polish/Hispanic Americans in my family since then too.

Also, my best roofing friend, who happened to be an employee of mine for the previous 12 years, started off as a Green Card Alien and jumped through all of the hoops and payed all of the legal fee’s and took the tests along with his wife and also learned the language of the new land that he has chosen to reside in to become a full fledged US Citizen and I couldn’t be prouder if he was my own brother.

Due to the higher housing costs here, he decided to finally move to an area that he could pursue the American Dream of owning his own home, down around Houston.

Now, down in Houston, he started off making $8.00 per hour. Why? Because he has to also compete with all of the Illegal Alien Mexicans who are working for less than they deserve and it winds up bringing every man and womans wages down, rather than increasing as it should, due to costs of living increases.

13 years ago, on his first day working for me, he was paid $15.00 per hour and worked his way up to earn and deserve $25.00 at the time of his departure.

So fine, if all of the “Mexicans” want to be working on the roofs in this country, at least make sure they are citizens or are in the process of establishing legal citizenship and also compensate them an appropriate hourly wage and I am not talking about the per square pay, because one day when they don’t have the speed and desire to hump anymore, they will be history.

Also, carry proper ROOFERS Classification Workers Compensation on them, so that the poor Mexican or any other Race’s family can still survive in the event of a job related injury.

Do not presume to say how good any one race is over any other one, unless all comparative items are equal.