Stormers? change now whiel you have the chance

I am currently ( next 3 months) recruiting and training new and experienced storm salespersons.
I will pay for all of the training and resources.

In recent years, we have noticed a strong storm cycle building throughout the country. This has created a short and long term problem for contractors.
My solution is simple, my vision is to be the primary source of sales and marketing for all “stormers”. Regardless of state, and size of company.

This is a new business model worth your time and energy, invest now, or spend the next few years working the same old way, and maybe, you will
get 10% instead of the 20% I will be offering my consultants.

so youre a gypsy storm chaser?

He’s preying on the predators :slight_smile:


I welcome your critique, as limited as your view point may be.

Gypsy, not hardly, simply applying a standard business model to an industry that suffers with real business sense and accountability.

If being a nationwide firm is the definition, of gypsy, then I stand together with a number of very successful firms.

Preying on the predators, oh come on this is the beginning of the end of all reasoning.

You should know your customers better, if you plan to be sucessful.

Storm chasing honestly is basically ripping off the customer. Because you wont be there when the system you put on fails or has problems. If you need to train a salesperson the person is not worth the time to begin with. If they can not sell to start with your in trouble. Take if from a sales proffesional that does this every day.

There are a handful of firms that have offices in many cities. If “gypsy storm chasers” come in to work a storm and leave a valid warranty along with an office, repair person etc in that city, just how is this a ripoff?

I would agree if the company does not maintain an office in that area. That is not professional. My point: it is very possible to “chase storms” and be a reputable person at the same time.

To the gentleman that started this post, please pm me as I am very interested.