Striking out on my own..again

I’m trying to take baby steps to break away from my current company and start one of my own in Ohio. You could say they’ve gotten a bit greedy with the storm work. Does anyone have a roofing and/or siding contract they could allow me to swipe ideas from? I hate Service Scamic and Quality Jokester. Where do you get your most bang for you buck in advertising? I’ve already got a good base of realtors tossing work my way. Thanks for any advice you can give.

You more than likely have old hail damage and new wind damage work in your area. My best advice although I preach against storm chasers is to simply go door to door selling your company and what it can offer to the home owner. If your not up for the task simply hire some “salesman” to do it for you. If you have slow realtors they may be good at it.

Referals are what keep me busy 98% of the time but it’s taken 10 years to get this point.

I am noticing all the questions popping up lately on this site about advertising/marketing.

I know that a lot of roofing company owners are former or current roofers who have decided to open up their own companies doing a trade that they are clearly good at (at least the people on this forum).

Have many of you taken a business training that includes a session on marketing tactics both online and on the field? I work for a manufacturer of a product in the building industry and we have tossed around offering a “business training” as a perk for being a loyal customer (not held by us but by a 3rd party, a consultant). Would you/do you take advantage of these types of things from manufacturers? If so, what do you see in these trainings or would you like to see? I have talked with contractors about courses they have taken that tell them how to make sure they are making money and not losing money, but never spoken with anybody that has received marketing help. In this economy you have to stand out in advertising or else you’ll fall through the cracks.

TimePiece - there is another thread that talks some about what others on here think is the best form of advertising other then referrals & word of mouth.

From my knowledge CertainTeed offers some sales lit, and some assistance with meetings and such. But not necessarily training. I would love to see my suppliers and the manufactures offer some real actual sales training. I would attended for sure. Although it seems as though for them it would be expensive on there behalf. In addition there is no guarantee that those contractors will by their product or buy from there warehouse. Does anyone do this now that i don’t know about?

Unless they “earned” the future learning credits. You buy so much in product and the manufacturer/supplier offers future credits to classes offered.

That is how we are thinking of doing it.

A customer would have to show loyalty and could cash in “points” earned through purchasing for co-op marketing, polos, sales training (obviously more “points” then a polo), etc.

Thanks for the feedback. If anybody has any other suggestions/comments I would like to hear them.

For right now the best advertising you can do is canvassing. Leave your email address here and i will send you a book to show you how to do it properly.

Hello there GTP,
I hope things turn around up there in Michigan, I know the weather and ECONOMY are hurting you. Anyway I am preparing to do some canvassing and any advice or help would be MUCH appreciated. my email address is I did some canvassing after a hail storm in 2002 and it worked very well but any tips would help.

ARP Tried to send came back to me. Give me a normal address. Message me if you dont want it out here.