Stripping 20+ yo cedar shingles

I am looking for folks with experience stripping cedar shingle roofs. I am looking at a 23yo roof and I have no idea how to estimate the time to strip. I am figuring getting to the top and get under the ridge and work back down. I am thinking of using ladders with hooks laid flat on the roof and working off of the ladders.

The roof pitches vary, 9/12, 11/12 and 15/12 (short side hip adjacent to the 9/12 long side hip).

Any suggestions from your experience greatly appreciated!

For me it depends if the cedar is installed over solid decking or spaced lath. If its solid decking I tear off with rippers starting at the top the same way I would asphalt shingles. If they are nailed on the spaced lath I use a regular claw hammer starting at the top and pound a hole through the shakes then go along horizontally and rip through by having the hammer inside the hole and pulling it towards me.

Honestly, I don’t think it takes me that much time to strip a cedar roof than an asphalt roof. One thing you need to figure is the extra space the cedar debris takes up. For example 20 sq of cedar roof would take up way more space in a dumpster than 20 sq of asphalt, it doesn’t pack down on itself very much.

I assume you plan to install enviroshake (I saw your other post) after the roof is torn off. If that the case then you will need to install a layer of plywood or osb if there isn’t one already (most likely). For me that’s the extra step that adds a good bit of extra $ to a cedar shake tear off.

I’m w/ Island, there’s too many unknowns. Are they stapled or nailed? Are the nails stainless or rusted out 5 penny box nails? Is it plywood or space sheathed? In 1991/1992 I worked for this rfg. co. Bob Hilson Rfg. out of South Miami/South Dade & he had the contract to rip & replace a whole sub division in Key Largo, The Ocean Reef Club. Anyway since the shakes were installed correctly w/a run of tar paper in between each course we were able to come at them from the side w/pitch forks & it rolled right up in 3 ft. runs. Nice, & then just run them into the high lift. You just got to get into it day 1 & see what’s the fasted method. BTW we grinded the sharp tips off the pitch forks so they didn’t dig into the plywood deck.