Stripping and venting old 3 tab roof

Getting ready to have my 3 tab shingle roof in So Cal redone. This is a 1400 sq ft floor plan in an L shape (main house on one leg, garage on the other) 3 gable, 2.5/12 roof.

It will be stripped down to the plywood. Many of the staples are rusted right off and I am expecting there may be lots of staple legs poking up once it is stripped. I don’t want these making holes in the new felt so what to do - pound them flat, pull them out, or use one of those floor scraper tools to shear them off?

The attic & garage do not have any roof venting other than the gable vents. In the summer, garage temps can be high 80s and the attic is sure to be well over 100. On the plus side it probably kills any termites up there.

I am thinking to add one roof vent to the middle of each ridge. A roofing guy suggested two low profile ridge vents on each ridge, but this sounds like too much. Is there some guideline for this?

well…you said 2.5/12 pitch…let the beatings begin…try to post a pic.

you really need a granulated torchdown, epdm, pvc or tar and gravel roof.

shingles on that pitch is kind of risky and not up to code unless you have the proper underlayment

you need 1 and a half inches of ventilation per square foot of attic space for that pitch…well then again i have never worked in southern california either so i could be full of sh*t.

your pushin it at 2.5/12.
but there are many around me here.
it does work.
make sure the edge is tared well, and shigles
pressed into tar well.


  1. Strip it bare to the wood decking, then pound flat all staples. More than likely you won’t have more than 1/32" sticking out if you happen to miss one, but you should try to get all of them. Feel free to pull as well. Whatever you use for a vapor barrier or 1st layer (see # 4 below) should level out the surface for you.

  2. Do any decking repairs on an as needed basis.

  3. No shingles - not for anything less than a 3:12 as a general rule.

  4. If no shingles, then as mentioned, go with a granulated roll out product (EPDM, M/A-S/A, etc).

  5. Ventilation - you should do everything possible to ventilate the attic space, however ridge vents are typically not designed for slopes under 3:12.

It never hurts to get more than 1 estimate.

PS: Photos, please. Maybe one from the street with the house taking up the whole frame & another from the sides / corners & another from the back.