Stromer in knoxville

just for fun i went to craiglist
ist ad
Well established home improvement company seeking top performers for all of Knoxville markets. Looking for sales managers, and reps for insurance restoration work. Top open book compensation plan with no hidden overhead percentages. Several top pay plans and a draw program for your talents. Tired of false promises? Give us a call to show you examples of pay plans and capped roof jobs. Passion and drive along with neat appearance a must. Year round work available in all of Tenn, Ohio Georgia and Oklahoma markets. We are an A rated Company expanding to Knoxville . Looking for experienced top players for Management and sales.

Typical salespersons commission on job,

What are you waiting for? Average roof job $10,000 brought in. Roofer costs $2000 ABC Supplier costs $3500 Permit fees $60.00 dumpster cost $275 total job cost $5835 less $10,000 total job money taken in ($10,000 - $5835 =$4165 profit) Your 50% commission $2085.00 ONE JOB!!! Average rep signing 2-6 a week Sell a MILLION and get 5% bonus check.

Give yourself a raise this year contact us now!!!

Ask For Phillip Riley
2nd was capital restoration ,i done a bing search it when to a listing complants

What’s wrong with that? I think their numbers are somewhat optimistic but not too far off.

why do roofer get the low end of the pay $2000 sound like 35 to 40 sq job $50 sq and and have insurance why does labor allway get the low end of the pot

I understand your view.But the contractor supplies the reputation.Takes care of advertising,offices,insurance companies,homeowners,contracts,suppliers,permits,licensing,
coordination,OSHA,training and the list goes on.

Salesman do much of the same.


John, how many roofs do you build without selling them first? Remember, the Salesman doesn’t get paid unless they perform. Your roofers get paid when they show up for the job. I’m by no means putting down the labor portion of the job. It takes quality people from both skill sets to max out your success. People have a choice. They can climb on the roof with a hammer or get in their vehicle and knock on doors.

salesmen always make more than the guy with the hammer. this isnt anything new. same as car sales, home builders, high end restaurants, and pretty much any other service related industry.

:-X let take a 35sq. job walkable per advertise exp above(i know he talking about a stick).Let avrage 1 sq. tearoff per hour’1sq per hour total man hour 70. labor rate $50 per sq 35 sq. total $1750, now he got to have his own insurance,1st worker comp 36% in tenn.$1750x.36=$$1750less $630=$1120. now we have to have pl insurance another 19%,$1750x.19=$ out of $1120 left subtract $332.50 leave$787.50, let take s.s taxes out 15.3% he self employed so he have to pay both sides not 6.65$787.50x.153=$120.48. so$787.50-$120.48=$666.52.let take income tax out $86.10, $666.52-$86.10=$585.42. so take $585.42/70mh =$8.36 per hr nothing has come out for the truck or compressor nail gun latter and look at all the safety equiment for ohsa no wounder the mexican go to work in fast food places

they even smarter than famous


The problem John, is even with the insurance money, roofing is underpriced on avg. 30% according to the late great Richard Kaller.
So yeah, the guys doing the work will suffer the most.

The salesman makes the most, but HEY!, him and the owners are actually doing the worst job ------underpricing and not selling at all