The winter slows way down around SW ARK . I have had to work for a
contractor :frowning: that said . What do you get on new roofing & felt install , the roofs 6 to 7 but some have dormers , load of half gables, valley or two
This jagg off has been griping about 30 per sq, $4 a roll #30 felt .All most makes you want to sit at home for that price.

We do sit home for that price.

The problem is that there are plenty of people that will do it cheaper than that !!!

I talked with a new construction roofer a few days ago. He said that he finally raised his prices this year after 10 years at the same price. I thought to myself, WOW, a smart roofer!!! I asked him what his new price is, he said…$27 a sq. :cry:

Blew that theory right out of the water!!!

Some of the BEST roofer make the WORST businessmen.