Is it worth to sub out every roof that we get, want to just move the business into a more management company. Also is everybody paying thier salesman? Is there salary plus 10 percent? Also how should i go about traing them?
Please resond need some advice, new to this.

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 8:04 pm Post subject: 10% + COMMISSION FOR ROOF JOBS

10% + COMMISSION FOR ROOF JOBS we will pay at least 10% of the gross for any commercial roof jobs in south FL brought to us. You will be paid up front as soon as we sign the contract. 561 718 9372

If you need to train a salesman --he isnt worth hiring.

Moving more into mangament. From what ive seen it take alot of work to be profitable in managing a roofing company. Most companys that do make profit are in the new roof business. Re roor on the other hand take a sales men and even if they are good they have to bust ass finding and biding on contracts. New roof is all about the credability and amount of work that can be done for what amount of money.
I guess it all depends on the area and the type of roofs you do. In the long run it will make sense to do the new roofs and make relationships with contractors and home builders. If you can get the big contracts one must make sure you are contracting out to the right company. While giving the contract away to some may seem like a waste but is the contractor is efficient and good there shouldnt be a problem. Although in most cases contract you give out will most likely small companys. A larger company that does all contracts could posibly swallow your contracts. A smaller company will not be able to do that. nor will they be able to do a large amount of work. Alarge company wont take the contract if the money is to low.
I would prefer managing alot of crews rather than giving awat money that your own crews could use.