Suggestions wanted

I am going to replace shingles with a metal roof and am wondering about venting. Presently there are about 8 vents I think and would like to eliminate this with a vented ridge. Is this ok to do on a manufactured home? This is an Oakwood home built in 2001. I have already replaced shingles 3 times in 5 years due to high winds here in Colorado. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated We have had winds as high as 80 mph

hello kaktchr,
you will want to put a metal roof system that has exsposed fasteners
everywhere, those are the metal roofs that do the best in high winds.
do not do aluminum. to soft.
ive been to many hurricane zones and the only roof that consistantly
stays on in 100plus winds is the 5vcrimp with a million screws in it.
everything else gets blown off.

good luck.
got freinds in loveland.


Sounds like a dilemma…

  1. Gweedo is all about the 5V crimp screwdown… there is some debate (especially here) about 5V vs. J Panel / hidden screws (i.e. not “a million” screw points). As the phrase goes, why put a hole in a perfectly good piece of metal? The idea here is that you’re possibly creating leak points & a screw system DOES have to be re-seated & checked on consistent a basis.

  2. If you don’t have an attic (most 4:12 type mobile homes don’t have any real attic space) then I don’t see why you would need any form of exceptional ventilation other than for radon allowances. Pardon, if you will, the use of the word ‘mobile’ however if it came on wheels & had to be under a specific height so that it would go under bridges & highway overpasses, then it’s a similar concept. Lower heights = no attic space = no real need for highly efficient ventilation.

  3. I’m going to ask you the same question I ask all of my customers: What’s your 6 to 7 year (or longer) plan for this property? If you intend to sell, what is your possibility of recovering any of the expense of a metal system? Will this make the structure a bit out of price or ‘over the top’ for the neighborhood? Is it worth all of the extra considerations to go metal?

  4. If you do go metal, will you be removing all of the current roof system down to bare wood & building back up from there? If not, IMO, you aren’t getting the full level of efficiency & you also won’t be able to determine if there is any damage to the existing roof deck.

  5. Keep in mind that my suggestions about ‘not’ going high ventilation is based on attic exhaust & not bathroom, lint trap or oven / stove hood issues.

& That’s my .02 for you.