Summer "Business"

Realized I put this under the wrong forum (Construction & Technique). I also updated my profile so that my location is listed and thus ya’ll can better assist me.

Hello! I was playing with the idea of possibly starting a summer “business” where I clean the mold/algae off of some roofs in my local community. I have had experience with doing this on our own roof, so I thought it might be a good summer job for me (as I’m currently a student). However, I was wondering what procedure I would need to go through with this (license, insurance, etc), and if it is even a doable thing.


i dont know where you live because its still not saying but you shouldnt need any kind of license to clean/do maintenance work.get a small amount of liability insurance just incase of somekind of dont need comp. if its just you.goodluck.

Hmm, I updated my profile, not sure why my location is not showing up?

Anyway, I live in Northwest Indiana. Oh, and thanks for your help by the way.