Sunk in roof and shingles

Contractor replaced shingles 2 weeks ago. Damaged plywood near ridge caps. A 5" hole was repaired after they did the shingles. They pulled some shingles off and cut a half sheet of plywood and replaced damaged section now shingles look sunk in. Is this acceptable?


Not at all. Should have been braced. Get them back to fix it.

3/8, 3/4, What’s the difference? It’ll look good from my house…

Thank you they say it wouldnt hurt anything. Thanks


… except their pride and bottom line if they have to fix it.

Thanks I will call Him back out.

I have to agree with Ivoman, without proper bracing its going to be a problem that in time may cause further damage to your roof that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Anytime water has a place to pool up or even slow down as it runs down the slope it’s going to cause infiltration and a leak sooner or later

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Probably 6sed the wrong thickness of plywiod like dark said, call them back out

Thank you sir In really mad at them

You wood think they would kno better. This really angered me. Thanks

Thanks this really angered me they should have known better I thought mexican guys were good at this. Most of the roofs in ga are done by them.

Border is wide open. Maybe the only roofing they’ve done is mud and grass…


Thanks you very much lol​:joy::joy::joy:

Is the roof a Truss system?

I dont know what a trust is sir

Why in the world would you think someone was good at something based on the country they came from?

I saw a couple houses they did in my community looked ok.

I just assumed by your alias, Contractor1, you were a contractor. Look up truss on the interweb. Look in the attic and see if they match.