Sunroom roof leak

We recently had a sun room built. The roof is aluminum and has a slight slope. However, heavy rains have caused significant leaks along the area where the sun room roof connects to the house. The builder used tape and caulking but it’s clearly not enough. I’ve read about “flashings” but I was told by the builder that flashings cannot be used on aluminum roofs. I would really appreciate any and all information regarding the proper way to assure this kind of roof does not leak. Please help. Thanks!

Tape and caulk huh…They just slapped the roof up against the house and caulked it,sounds like they did not want to get involved in removing siding and installing flashing to ensure it would not leak…any roof can be flashed with the proper products and techniques…

flashing is essential, and absolutely possible.

Flashing is the only way to do it! Even if you can’t attach to the aluminum roof, which I seriously doubt though I haven’t seen your particular roof. In fact, you really want a two-piece flashing that allows for movement between the sun-room and the house. You basically will need an apron flashing mounted on the sun-room roof (you can seal with butyl tape, foam closures, etc.) that has a 90-100 degree break in it that extends up the side of your house at least 4 inches. The second piece should be mounted to your house, and should counterflash the first piece. Also, the second piece should be inserted behind any siding (and technically, behind the building wrap as well) or surface-mounted to masonry and caulked.

thats funny that you cant use flashing on aluminum roofs…as most flashings are aluminum :roll: …i never knew aluminum could react with its self. you got a lazy hack builder!

Thanks to Cerberus for the info! It was very helpful. I plan to contract someone else to make the repairs, including flashing. In addition to what you suggested, what else should be done since there is an existing leak (when raining). I would also appreciate your opinion as to how much would be the customary charge (range) for this job. The length of the referenced wall is approximately 20 feet. Thanks again.


Find out who manufactured the sunroom. Contact them they will tell you their prefered way to flash this.

pictures would help greatly…
maybe the sunroom roof butts up against the soffit area, in a weird sort of area that could only be done properly if the existing roof/. fascia/ soffit area, above were opened up and the proper flashing work be done properly. Taping the panel to the siding is a deftinite “nono”, unless temporary, which is the excuse I would use if I were your contractor…" yes…sorry…we we’re deftinitely coming back."

Photos, need photos!

I want to see what kind of tie-in you have between the sunroom roof and the house. I’d like to see/know if you have brick, stucco, Hardie, masonite, EIFS, wood plank, or whatever on the side of your house. A photo would go a long way.

As for the cost? I’m a consultant so I don’t typically price residential work, plus I didn’t notice where you live. My guess, however, would be that you could get it done around $20 a lineal foot, which would equal $400, but since it is only 20 foot I would think a contractor you already have working for you would charge around $500 and a new contractor might charge you $750 - $1000 depending on how it has to be done. Now, that is not to say you can’t get it done cheaper, I just don’t want to give you any unrealistic guesses. You see, if you live in NY my numbers may be low, but here in Houston they may be high.

I will say this. The price will depend on things like whether or not you use Pac-Clad or similar type Kynar finished aluminum. The metal will have to be shop fabricated, or else it will look like crap. Depending on the surface of your house, hammer-drills and drive-pins may have to be used to set a surface-mounted counterflashing, or it may be a simple matter of sliding the flashing behind a piece of siding (though that would mean the flashing is not properly set behind any building wrap/felt paper.

So once again, I need photos!

first of all they said sunroom …im assuming they meant suntuff 2 where it connects to the exsiting roof(transition if you will)and no they dont make a flashing kit for this product …i know i just did one last year and had to make my own flashing…